My Birthday Lunch, A Conde Naste Break In, Sushi To Go and more…



I’m embarassed to admit it… but this was my lunch yesterday.  I know it’s terrible to bring my lunch on the 1 Year Anniversary of this website, but truthfully, after looking back on a year of eating, I was feeling kind of fat.  Now before you say “Uh… Zach.  There are cheetos stuffed in that sandwich… how does that qualify as healthy?”.  They were baked cheetos.  BIG difference.  And it’s homemade tuna fish, so not as much mayo.  And yes, I do still put cheetos in my tuna fish sandwiches, and yes I am still 8 years old.  Tuna melts are acceptable, right?  Don’t cheetos qualify as cheese?  (…a crunchy version of cheese)


After the jump- Authentic Texas BBQ in NYC, the best Cuban Sandwich in the world, Dinner with the winner of Top Chef 1, and more…

Here are some non-midtown links to food stuff I was really into over the course of the past week:



  • Uh… Zach? There are cheetos stuffed in that sandwich.

    What a breeelliant idea! Happy anniversary.

  • I’ve been to the Conde Nast cafeteria. It is not all that. In fact, it is comparable to any other company cafeteria. You have nothing to be jealous of! Are you interested in going to other cafeterias, or just Conde Nast’s?


    Conde Nast is at the top of my list… but I’d be willing to go to any company cafeteria that’s free or subsidized.  My company doesn’t have one- and I have Cafteria envy.  -zach

  • You’re welcome to come visit our cafeteria @ 1540 B’way. A bit underwhelming, but convenient and relatively affordable! I’d suggest coming on a chicken finger Friday.

  • My old lawfirm had a brilliant breakfast spread. They priced all of their pancake, waffle, egg type things. It was fucking brilliant.

  • my fave are the white cheddar cheese puffs – so cheesy good and no orange stain on your fingers.

  • I can get you into the Conde caf…. although I promise it’s highly over rated and they require everyone be weighed before entering.

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