ABP (We hardly knew ye), Blue Pig Ice Cream, and Ressie Mae- Where’s the Crab?

A couple little Midtown tidbits for you…

1.  The Au Bon Pain in the tunnel underneath the FoxNews building had closed.  I was always tantalized by their pictures of weird and magical special items.  Luckily for the “Lunch Challenged” there are plenty of other crappy chains in the area to replace it.  Of course those places won’t have the Wasabi Salmon Bagel, or the Cajun Shrimp Harvest Rice Bowl.

2. The sandwich place T.A.O.S. has closed, and will be replaced by a Blue Pig Ice Cream Parlor.  They already have two locations, one in Brooklyn Heights, and another in Westchester County.  It’s not as exciting as the Yolato news, but we’ll take it.  Speaking of Yolato, the owners plan on having the new Grand Central location open by the end of June. 

Soft shelled crabs at Ressie Mae’s????  After the jump



3.  When I first wrote about Ressie Mae’s Soul to Go, I was pretty excited about their Soft Shelled Crab special.  I never actually tasted it, because every time I went they seemed to be out (the guy behind the counter told me that at the time, they couldn’t get the crab cheap enough to charge the listed $5.50 price tag).  I went back this week, since this is prime Soft Shelled Crab season, and prices are relatively low, thinking that they might have the special.  Not only did they not have it, I was told it’s been taken off the menu permanently.  Bummer!

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  • I was actually looking for an Au Bon Pain on Saturday. When I arrived at 53 and 3rd I noticed it was closed and I was pretty bummed. I check out a Turkish place instead – Taksim – which was good.

    I’m a longtime big Au Bon Pain fan. The ingredients are high quality and the food is CONSISTENTLY good, something lacking in other chains. There’s quite a few other branches in Midtown.

    I read your Wasabi Salmon Bagel post a while back – I’ve actually never seen it on a menu.

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