PROFILE: Midtown Lunch’er “Tam”

Every Tuesday I turn over the site to a Midtown Lunch’er for their recommendations of places to eat Lunch in Midtown.  Apparently last week’s lunch’er wasn’t good enough!  Things like “Not much helpful information”, and “least informative lunch’er… ever” were posted as comments.  And here I was thinking that all you people wanted was a pretty face.  This week I’m bringing out the big guns! ”Tam” is the one who turned me on to the Chikubu Friday Ramen Special. Unfortunately, it closed before I got a chance to check it out!  We’re losing her to the Finanacial District (traitor!), so I’m turning the site over to her for some final suggestions…

Name: Tam


**cough** Attorney

Where in Midtown do you Work?:
I used to work on Broadway and 44th, by the Naked Cowboy. (My new job is in the Financial District, cattycorner to the WTC)

Favorite Kind of Food:
Dang me! I’m an equal opportunity eater, so this is a hard question to nail. I guess I’ll eat almost anything, so long as it’s deep-fried. Or grilled. Or braised. I also have an unwholesome love of noodles. Have I mentioned potatoes?

Least Favorite Kind of Food:
Walnuts, tahini, and viscera. But guts are okay if they’re deep-fried or grilled. (Braised can’t kill the stink.)

Favorite Place to Eat Lunch in Midtown:
1. Rafiqi’s (NW corner of 44th St and 5th Ave). Lamb over Rice, with sides of hot sauce ‘n white sauce. Dine on the dirty street meat at a reasonable lunch hour; you’ll be clutching your vitals if you don’t. 2. Cranberry Deli (115 W. 45th St, near 6th Ave). Udon (with an extra helping of steamed vegetables). They drain their noodle water and shut down soup-making operations after 2 PM. 3. Pam Real Thai Encore (404 W. 47th St, near 9th Ave) Larb; Green Pumpkin Curry. PRTE is further west than most midtown eateries, but if it’s Friday, the stroll is kinda nice.

The “go-to” lunch place you and your co-workers eat at too often: Marseilles (630 9th Ave, at 44th St). Le Pamplemousse cocktail. For afficianados of flavored vodkas / For girlie-drink-drunks, these are worth blowing the ol’ lunch money on. (DISCLAIMER: but not during work-hours, friends!)

Place you discovered thanks to MidtownLunch: 1. Minar (46th St, btw B’way + 6th Ave).  Delicious! Mysore Masala Dosa. I’m a Bay Area transplant who misses Vik’s Chaat Corner. So Minar is like home. 2. Margon (46th St, btw. B’way + 6th Ave]. Oxtail Special. Hits the spot when you’re lookin’ for a hot piece of tail. (Thanks, Midtown Lunch!)

Dream job location, purely for lunch purposes?: Flushing, on Roosevelt Ave, underneath the 7. There’s a little window where you can buy the finest of soy milks. I’m also in agreement with Lacey. If I could just be a little bit closer to Ba Xuyen or Banh Mi Saigon.

Anything else you’d like to add?: Will Midtown Lunch be launching a Downtown Lunch site soon? ‘Cuz I am lost. I am sad. And I am hungry.


Sorry Tam.  Not only am I not going to be heading downtown anytime soon (I don’t think my bosses would be down with that), I have a recommendation today that I think you would have loved!  It’s braised, it’s got potatoes, it’s delicious, and it’s after the jump

A few months back I reported that Cafe Duke (51st btw. 6+7th) had introduced daily specials to their normal roster of Bulgogi, Bi Bim Bap and soups.  Well, I finally got around to trying the Tuesday special.  The Short Rib Stew ($7.95)



Amazing.  A slight Korean style sweetness (similar to bulgogi) and a very slight spicyness.  So good.  The meat was super tender, and was served with potatoes, turnips and carrots- white rice, and kimchee on the side.  So delicious! But it’s only available on Tuesdays, in the back right where the Korean food is.  Sorry Tam… enjoy Downtown!

As always, if you have any Midtown Lunch news or you’d like to be next weeks Profiled Midtown Lunch’er, just email me at


  • Tam, try Alfanoose on Maiden Lane and Broadway. INCREDIBLE Middle Eastern food. Reasonably priced as well.

  • Hi Tam! Glad to see UCH ’05 is representing on midtown lunch. I miss Vik’s Chaat Corner too.

  • Do you Guys ever meet for lunch? It would be a great if you did.

    Imagine the arguements where to go!

  • Check out Doyers for excellent Vietnamese, just remember to have it delivered there is little to no seating, and during lunch the court crowd can take over the restaurant. Also being in the WFC means that you can walk to Chinatown for your noodle fix.

  • Psst, Tam, help me out here, maybe we can start a DowntownLunch…. with Zach’s blessing only of course. I’m in the FD too… please send help…

  • Lara: Alfanoose is solid. Their Kofta Kabobs were kinda dry, but their sides were excellent. Tried to visit them yesterday to sample the Lamb Schwarma, but rumor has it that they’re closed for renovations. Sighs!

    Lacey: Darling, we meet again, and this time under much better circumstances ;) …

    Rudy: Those kind of lunch debates are indeed the most delicious!

    Beancounter: I’ve had Doyers the first weekend I moved here and faced off the worst bout of food-sick ever. I’m too scurrrrred to go back.

    Yvo: Yes yes yes! Let’s!

  • Oh and hooo-dang! I’m liking how that short rib glistens in the sun …

  • Tam,
    I’m shocked that Doyers got you sick, when I lived downtown, we ordered from them a lot and never had an issue……but live and learn…..there is Lilly’s noodle shops (near the Embassy Suites, and NYSC), but they are only good for typical chinese cuisine…..check out Pac Rim for decent Sushi, and there is an authentic sichaun (sp?)resturant on the south side of the WFC on South End Ave. (I forget it’s name but it is next to Wave) right off of Albany St. that has excellent food….

  • Glad you liked Alfanoose. The schwarma is excellent! I am partial to the chicken, but my boyfriend prefers the lamb. Sides to try if you haven’t yet: lentil rice, vegetarian musaka and hummus.

  • I went to Cafe Duke today for their Short Rib Stew Tuesday Special. Specials are now $8.95! Along with some other regular items on their menu.

  • Just for any intrepid travellers to Queens… There is no “under the 7″ in Flushing… Being under the 7 would put you about 40 feet underground. She is probably thinking of the LIRR which is an overhead train at that point.

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