Mandler’s Sausage Co: A Proper +/- (in pictures)

I finally made it out to the Midtown branch of Mandler’s Sausage Co. which finally opened a few weeks ago (after numerous delays).  I love it when new places open in Midtown, and it’s especially gratifying when that new place is a transplant from a better lunch’ing area of Manhattan.  If Midtown is good enough for the Mandler family, than maybe it will be good enough for Mamoun, or David Chang or any of those people who make cheap Banh Mi in Chinatown!

And now… for the first time ever- I present a Midtown Lunch +/- in pictures.  Who needs my terrible prose, when you can just see the food for yourself!

THE + (what people who like Mandler’s would say about it)

Sample Plates at the Front of Mandlers, Midtown NYC


(+)The selection.  With 11 different kinds of sausages, 12 different toppings, schnitzel, crepes, breakfast and more- there is something for everyone.  There’s also a Kosher sausage, a turkey sausage and a veggie sausage for people with dietary restrictions.

The Mustard Bar @ Mandlers, Midtown NYC


(+)The Mustard Bar.  If you are a fan of the dipping sauce (and quite frankly, who isn’t), then Mandler’s may be your favorite place in Midtown.  A whopping 6 different mustards (plus ketchup and mayo), and it’s self serve- so you don’t have to be embarassed asking the cashier for 17 sauces.  Horseradish, Vermont Maple, Roasted Garlic Dijon, Amber Ale Honey, Three Peppercorn Dijon & Smokey Garlic Dijon.

Sausage & Fries @ Mandler's, Midtown NYC


(+) The combo meals (and side dishes that come with them).  There’s something very comforting about a combo meal.  Even if it only saves you 50 cents (or zero cents, like at some places), I like it when places offer an option that *forces* you to eat more.  And the best part about Mandler’s is the side dishes that comes with the combo meals.  It makes it easier to forgive the $9 price tag when you are getting these sides!  With your choice of sausage, you can get regular fries (seen above)… or delicious zucchini fries! (seen below)

Sausage w/ Mushrooms & Onions, and a side order of Zucchini Fries, Mandlers, Midtown


You can also get your sausage with a cheese, zucchini or potato pancake (seen below)

Potato Pancake w/ Applesauce from Mandlers, Midtown NYC

Or the greatest side dish of all time…. after the jump

Corn Fries @ Mandlers, Midtown NYC


(+) THE CORN FRITTERS!!! Say whatever bad things you want about Mandler’s, but the corn fritters can do no wrong (except you’ll wish there were more).  Crunchy on the outside, creamy on the inside- the corn fries/corn fritters (whatever you want to call them) are possibly the greatest invention known to man.  Hopefully I haven’t built them up too much.  Anyway, there are other places to get sausage in Midtown- but the sides orders are what makes Mandler’s stand out from the pack.

Mandler’s is far from perfect.  And there will be people who are not so into it… so that’s why we have:

THE – (what people who don’t like this place would say)



(-) The price (and size of menu).  It can get a little pricey, and the menu is gigantic so it can be a little overwhelming.  You need a gameplan.  Without a plan, you could easily end up spending $12-$14, so check the menu before you go.



(-)  It’s no Hallo Berlin.  Anytime you talk about sausage in Midtown, you’re going to draw comparisons to Hallo Berlin, hands down the best sausage in Midtown (and arguably in all of Manhattan).  When it comes to just pure German sausage, Hallo Berlin wins in spades- and if that’s what you are looking for, than Mandler’s is not for you.  Mandler’s sausages are decent, but not the draw of the place.  Side dishes, and a place to sit are what you get at Mandler’s.  (In other words, no Zucchini & Corn Fries at Hallo Berlin!)


Mandler’s Sausage Co., 601 8th Ave. (btw. 39+40th), 212-244-4777


  • Please tell me that top picture is lunch for at least 5 people….

    That is the table at the front of the restaurant displaying all their options.  I’m fat, but not that fat… -zach

  • I went here today and had the chicken brat with fried onions and sauerkraut. It was delish. I tried all of the mustards. They were heavenly. The fried zucchini was also very tasty, and not too oily.

  • damn, a mustard bar! must check this place out and give each a taste.

  • Closed.

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