Ask Midtown Lunch: Americone Dream

“Has anybody seen Stephen Colbert’s Americone Dream anywhere in Midtown?” -Rob C. (on 49th btw. 6+7th)

Ah yes… the elusive new Ben & Jerry’s flavor.  Vanilla ice cream with fudge-covered waffle cone pieces and a caramel swirl.  Who wouldn’t like that???  (Liberty haters apparently)  Interesting you should ask this Rob… I just got an amazing tip.  Both Midtown Locations of Ben & Jerry’s just received Americone Dream shipments today!!! The Times Square Location (8th Ave. & 43rd) has about 12-15 as of 2:45pm (They got in about 25, but half of them were immediately purchased by The Colbert Report, which tapes in Midtown West).  The Ben & Jerry’s below Rockefeller Center has them in as well.  They only come in the pre-packaged pints though, so you may want to get a friend or two together to share!  I smell afternoon ice cream break… see you there!

Anybody else seen the flavor in Midtown?  Possibly in Midtown East?  Ben & Jerry’s website has a “flavor locator”, but none of the 2007 flavors are listed…

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  • I saw a pint of this at Tommy’s Value in Cambridge, Mass. (one of the area’s finest purveyors of culinary treats). There was only one left, and I didn’t buy it! I gotta check back soon.

  • Colbert Report had to buy there own? Couldn’t the B&J’s people send them a couple pints?

  • There’s a deli on 47th and 9th that’s had this flavor (and the other new ones, like Peach Cobbler and Cinnamon Buns) for over a week now.

  • noticed it in a bodega this morning on third avenue between (either 25/26 or 26/27 on the east side of the street). walked by the b&j case on my way to get seltzer and there was colbert staring up at me.

  • need some of this – but also: has anyone spotted the ‘kosher’ Coke? Supposedly there’s Coca Cola made with cane sugar instead of the high fructose garbage and it’s only for passover, but I can’t find it. Any help?

  • Kosher coke has a YELLOW cap. Replaces the RED and seems to end the MyCokeRewards promotion. I drink Diet-Coke but that is coming with the yellow caps also, even though there is no change in the formulation.

  • Re: “Kosher Coke” any cans that are kosher for passover will be stamped as such on the top…People stock up on this stuff so it can be hard to find.

  • none in nj, but i saw some in park slope (fifth avenue at 6th st). it tastes good!!

  • selling some at the market NE corner of 7th & 1st.

  • Stephen Colbert is to Bill O’Reilly what B&J’s Americone Dream is to Haagen Daz’s Caramel Cone ice cream (except for caramel ice cream instead of vanilla)…

    “This creamy blend of caramel ice cream with rich caramel swirls balances the sweet crunch of chocolate-covered cone pieces for a harmony of caramel, chocolate and crunch in every bite…”

  • I scored a pint of americone dream a few weeks ago at a bodega at Houston and Clinton. It tasted like freedom. It really was very good. the bits of waffle cone are coated in choclate so they stay crunchy and the caramel swirl is perfectly integrated.

    I’ve been scouring LES since and, while I’ve come across a number of ice cream cases that look like they’ve been ransacked, I haven’t come across a single one. (though i should mention that the chunks of dough in cinnamon buns are _amazing_)


    in yet another perfect example of why the internet was created, a colbert fansite, has started a google maps mashup where people have been contributing locations where they have found americone dream. pickings for the new york area are pretty slim, but a skim through the comments section may lead to more reliable tips.

    good luck and keep up up the search, people. it’s worth it.

  • my local bodega in clinton hill on fulton and washington has it, but haven’t seen it in midtown

  • Thanks for the plug, quarterempty! I blogged about this entry over at, and I’ll make sure to put these addresses on the map ( tonight.

  • found both what I was looking for: Americone Dream seems to be pretty widely available at the local bodegas. Not so much at the supermarkets yet. Searched high and low for the Kosher Coke and found a bounty. If anyone’s looking, the Key Food on 5th Ave and Sterling (Brooklyn) has at least 20 2-liters and several can 6-packs left. Also scored some kosher Pepsi! Here’s some links to some pix:

    Kosher coke caps:

    Kosher coke ingredients: (No Corn Syrup!!!)

    Kosher coke can tops:

    Kosher Pepsi caps:

    Kosher Pepsi ingredients:

    Now I’m off to taste! (Sorry no ‘midtown’ content – strictly foodies need apply)

  • Here’s my verdict on Kosher Coke: It’s everything Coke should be. First off, the cola is light and frothy. It’s not as syrupy or as sweet as the high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) version. The light-ness lends a totally engaging quality to the drink and is a huge selling point. The carbonation is made up of lots of tiny bubbles instead of the bigger ones in the HFCS version. It kind of goes down more like champagne than cola. Huh, a real ‘soft’ drink! Drinking it like this is a potentially habit-forming venture. Perhaps now I see just how one might have gone crazy over it when it first came out. In real life, I’ve given up the regular consumption of soft drinks for the past six years, and drink mostly water. Before that, I was a heavy soft drinker. Soft drinks are too much empty calories and rotted much of my teeth. But this is a nice treat that I will hopefully look forward to around this time of year. Who knew religion could inspire something positive from the beverage industry?

  • Midtown sighting!

    Tuesday, April 3, 3:00 PM. Ben & Jerry’s under Rockefeller Center has at least 3 pints. at $5.50 per.

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