It’s a Ramen kind of week…

Earlier in the week Manhattan Users Guide posted their 5 best bowls of Ramen in the city… and it included two of my favorites (Menchanko Tei & Sapporo).  It was probably my inspiration for lunch on Monday & Tuesday (that and the disgustingly cold weather).  But apparently we’ve all been missing out on the real deal Midtown ramen steal…

Photo posted to the Midtown Lunch Flickr Photo Group, Courtesy of Tam

The Ramen Special @ Chikubu (44th & Madison).  It’s $11.50 and only served on Friday & Saturday for lunch (with Japanese pickles and rice).  It’s a little bit more money then I’m used to spending at lunch, but for handpulled ramen in a pork stock that is supposedly simmered all week long, I’ll make an exception.  (Considering how authentic and expensive Chikubu is normally, one could argue it’s actually a deal!) Don’t be turned off by the line, I’ve been told it moves really quick…

More Ramen photos, courtesy of Midtown Lunch readers, after the jump…

Sesame Ramen & Curry Ramen from Menchanko Tei
Photo posted to Flickr, Courtesy of Tam


Sapporo Ramen from Sapporo
Photo posted to Flickr, Courtesy of Justjosef


Technically it’s not Midtown (and it’s not Ramen)… but oh well- it still looks pretty sweet! Hot and Spicy Noodle Soup from Kofoo (8th Ave. btw. 26+27th)
Photo posted to Flickr, Courtesy of Wendalicious


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