FIRST LOOK: Kushi-Q, Midtown News & Links, plus the End of the Week Wrap Up



Got this great tip yesterday from Midtown Lunch’er “Sara” 

This space on 3rd Ave btw 45th and 46th is being made into some asian grill type restaurant called Kushi-Q.  The website, has really nothing on it at all except a box… Some internet digging brought up the following:

“The fast-food seller of meat and vegetable skewers took space for its first New York location and inked a 15-year lease with a reported asking rent of $200 per square foot. The tenant, which uses a patented grilling system, operates stores throughout Asia and is expected to open as many as five new locations throughout Manhattan in the coming year. Locations being targeted include Midtown, Greenwich Village near NYU, and Times Square.”

I like meat!  I like vegetables!  I like meat and vegetables on sticks!

My response:

Omg.  You must keep me updated.  Will you email when it opens?  So exciting.” 

Yes it’s true…  Meat on a stick makes me type like a 13 year old girl.  I went and snapped some pics… looks like it’s going to be fast food Yakitori.  More on this one as it develops.



A few more tidbits of info arrived via email this week:

According to Midtown Lunch’er “John M.”, Chiyoda Sushi has raised their prices: 

The avocado and salmon tartare used to be the hottest deal in midtown. Now it’s like $5.75, a pretty big hike that seems to be spread to most of their other wares as well. Protest! Protest! Looks like Yagura is going to start hopping a bit more.

That’s a bummer… although sushi may be one of those things that you don’t want to be TOO cheap.  I don’t know if Yagura is quite the replacement.  I think I might stick with Cafe Zaiya.

SOPHIE’S CUBAN UPDATE #47:  Phone call yesterday… The new 56th St. location is opening “at the end of February”.  **Sigh**

And finally… I got this email from Lunch’er “Larry A.” in reference to the buttery biscuit comment on my Popeye’s Post:

The main ingredient in the biscuit is lard.

Eh-  I’ll still eat ‘em…

Koreatown, Ressie May’s, WNBC, Chipotle, Olympic Pita and more after the jump…


As always your emails are always appreciated… 

Next week it’s back to the Lower East Side (of Midtown that is).  I’ll kick off the week with a kick-assplace where $6-7 gets you a huge sandwich (with quality ingredients) plus free home-made soup.  See you next week!


  • Yakitori? Fast food style?! Sign me up! Probably the one by NYU first but still :D

  • You can check out Sophie’s Cuban at Lex between 40th and 41st if you want a sneak preview.

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