PROFILE: Midtown Lunch’er “Nosher”

So it’s Tuesday… which means I turn over the site to a Midtown Lunch’er for their recommendations of places to eat in Midtown. If you saw the article about Food Bloggers in the NY Times on Sunday, than you might recognize “Nosher”, the blogger responsible for NYCNosh (despite being incognito).  But what you may not have known, is that Nosher is also a Midtown Lunch’er!

Name: Nosher


Internet Social Networking Consultant (and author of the blog NYCNosh)

Where in Midtown do you Work?:
I work all over Midtown helping companies start blogging and utilizing online communities… but I have an actual office in Midtown West.

Favorite Kind of Food:
It’s a tie between Japanese and Italian.

Least Favorite Kind of Food:
Fast food

Favorite Place to Eat Lunch in Midtown:
I know by even saying this in public I’m screwing myself out of eating this dish more often (because they only make about 10 of them a day), but I have to give an emphatic thumbs up to the spicy tuna baguette at Cafe Zaiya.  It’s the same fish they use for spicy tuna rolls, just minced with a little bit of sweet mayo and finely diced shallots.  Mind altering… really. 

The “go-to” lunch place you and your co-workers eat at too often: Is it heresy to say Kati Roll?  It seems to suffer from inconsistency issues these days, now that it’s among the more popular lunch destinations.

Place you discovered on I had no idea there was a crepe cart on 53rd St. between 5th & 6th ave.  That scoop alone makes me love Midtown Lunch.

What would be your dream job location for Lunch purposes? I mentioned once that I wished I worked closer to Cafe Zaiya, but I like that it’s a little bit of a trek for me.  Walking through Bryant Park is never dull, and it’s even more rewarding when you can bypass the ‘wichcraft line on your way to something better.  But these days I wouldn’t mind being a little closer to Yakitori Totto.  (Editor’s Note:  I agree about the Yakitori Totto thing… unfortunately, all the amazing yakitori places, and izakayas in Midtown are only open for dinner!!!!)

Anything you’d like to ask our Midtown Lunch readers?  Anybody know where I could find a really high quality lobster roll (to go or eat in) in Midtown for lunch?  Even a great fish taco would do… I’d also like to suggest to Midtown Lunch’ers that they make the extra effort to walk a few blocks west once in a while and explore what’s available in the upper 30′s through 50′s on Ninth and even Tenth Avenues. Some of the best food in Manhattan is there, from Amy’s Bread to Tehuitzingo; it’s a real lunchtime paradise.


Well, I certainly can’t disagree about the Hell’s Kitchen thing.  If you work on the West side of Midtown, 9th Ave. is a treasure chest of lunch options.  Right now I only go as far as 8th Ave., but eventually I’ll probably cave and expand so I can write about Lucky Burger, some of the great thai places, Rice ’n Beans, Ariana Afghan, Old San Juan, Nook, Philly Slim’s, Island Burgers & Shakes, Azuri Cafe & Empanada Mama.

Speaking of empanadas, that crepe cart on 53rd btw. 5th & 6th also has empanadas.  Pics of those, my favorite crepes in Midtown, and how you can be next week’s Profiled: Midtown Lunch’er after the jump…

The empanadas are pretty good… they are from Argentina, so they have olives in them- which is cool if you like olives.  The crepes are not bad either (especially for the price)… but if I’m gonna get some crepes, you know where I am going!  Madeleine “The Crepe Lady” (in the Cyber Cafe). 

As always if you have any Midtown Lunch news or you’d like to be next week’s Profiled: Midtown Lunch’er, just email me at  If you have suggestions for me or Nosher post them below as comments to this Profile.


  • I thought the empanadas at that cart on 53rd were hopeless. Not horrible tasting, but lukewarm and, on one occasion, studded with metal filings.

    If there are other empanada options I’d like to hear about it, but in the meantime will daydream about Reuben’s Empanadas in Soho. (Is it still there?)

  • Ruben’s is still in SoHo. Also in the east village. You can get them in a cafe in Brooklyn too. They have several locations, but Empanada Mama is way better in my opinion.

  • Nosher, you can find good fish tacos at Pampano Taqueria on 3rd between 49th and 50th (it’s in the basement food court of some building). It’s not California or Texas, but they have fresh fish, homemade corn tortillas, (or, if you prefer, flour tortillas), spicy salsas and they’re sold for a decent price.

  • Let’s not overlook some of my favorites on 9th Avenue:
    Pam’s Real Thai Food, Leon’s Bakery (Mexican bakery on 9th that serves really good chicken mole enchiladas, 3 for $2.50 every weekend morning till about 12 noon), Manganaro Hero Boy (I like their eggplant and chicken parm sanwiches), and the 99 cent pizza place on 41st street. I don’t know if this counts, but I would like to include the International Grocery (Great yogurt, tormasalata, tsaziki, feta, salami, baklava, spinach pie, olives…)

  • BEST OF 9th

    Azuri Cafe – amazing chicken, soup and falafel

    Wondee Siam – Best Thai Ive had outside thailand (ask for it thai style)…and delivery will take about 15 minutes

    Island Burger- Obviousley good, just be hungry and have nothing to do for the afternoon

    Burittoville – burrito options are pretty lame here, but they have the best Ive had in the midtown west/east area

    Yakitorro Totto – amazing, get the chicken meatball

  • BTW The international grocery stores best thing is their hummus and feta…

  • Ooh, Nosher is revealed! :)

  • I know this profile was written forever ago.. but Zach this is to you.. I had to search your site to see if you had written about it yet.. and you haven’t.. please venture over to 9th ave and write about Philly Slim’s!! *bats eyes*

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