Ho Yip now Sun Yip?, Citarella Out, Midtown Links and the end of the week wrap up…

Seems like New Years is the time for turnover.  Just before the start of 2007, Aron’s & Rangole closed, followed immediately by the Citarella at the base of Rockefeller Center. 


They wasted no time in blacking out the windows.  Looks like there was never anything there.  No word on what happened or what will be moving in.  I’m not keeping my hopes up for anything good.  My money is on a boring chain… (Hopefully another Starbucks!!!  30 Rock only has two as of now…)

Closings are sort of exciting… it’s always great when new places open up in Midtown.  Aron’s has already been replaced by Taki Sushi… but some places have been closed awhile with no sign of being replaced.  45th st. seems especially dire, with empty windows at closed branches of Yoshinoya and Wu Kong (which has been closed for 6 months).  No word on what is going on with the space formerlly occupied by Rangole either.

Speaking of 45th St., I got a comment saying that Ho Yip had changed ownership, and was now called Sun Yip.  I went to check it out, and found the same old Ho Yip (except it was jammed packed like I’d never seen it before… and it wasn’t even after 2pm- when the buffet by the pound drops in price).



They must have been talking about the Ho Yip in Downtown.  If you have any tips about Lunch’ing in Midtown, including any openings or closings to report, please email me at zach@midtownlunch.com, post them as comments below, or post your own pictures to the Midtown Lunch Flickr Photo Group.  (Especially on the East side… it’s freaking cold out- and I’m not walking around randomly looking for places that have closed!) 

Midtown Links and the end of the week wrap up after the jump…


That’s it for this week… Monday I’m off for Martin Luther King Day.  Back on Tuesday with another Profiled: Midtown Lunch’er.  Plus, next week I’ll finally get to searching for a Rangole Indian Buffet replacement.  I’m starting with Sukhadia.  Got any suggestions?  Email them to zach@midtownlunch.com


  • If you look at the sign on the restaurant, it does indeed say Sun Yip now (but they still have the 8×11 in the window advertising the buffet special).

  • That’s strange, I could have swore I looked up and saw the same Ho Yip sign… there was a lot of scaffolding covering it- so maybe I was just seeing things. The food in the buffet and in the back looked identical too. We’re all talking about the place on 45th btw. 5th & 6th right?

  • Anyone have a post-mortem on Happy Teriyaki BBQ Cart (50th btw 6 & 7)? Their presence was spotty in late Nov & early Dec; haven’t seen them at all since mid-Dec. Was hoping they’d relocated but haven’t seen them anywhere.

  • Yep, Zach, 45th street – I know because as I walked by the other day the first thing I noticed was the sign – and then I checked to make sure nothing else had changed (especially the buffet special).

  • what! POOF!

  • I’m hungry…
    I saw teh NYC Nosh post and thought of you! I have to try it, seems like a lot of people love that place… but honestly, going to Midtown just for a snack/dinner seems a bit odd when you hang out elsewhere, y’know? Hehe. Oh wait. I need more Wii games- ok, Rock Center & Nintendo Store, here I come!

  • I called Citarella because I was so bummed to see it close. They lost their lease!

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