Chocolate Battle Royale on Broadway, Midtown Links & the End of the week wrap up…

This morning, the Hershey Store on the NW corner of 48th St. and Broadway got a little competition in the form of a gigantic two story M&M store right across the street!!! (The NE Corner of 48th & Broadway).  My question is, how will Times Square support TWO generic American brand chocolate stores, right across the street from other???  And how far are these stores willing to go for the money of slack jawed tourists amazed that there’s a place where you can a get an oversized Kit Kat sweater?  The answer to that question came on my walk home from work tonight, when I saw this in front of the M&M Store:



I know this isn’t about lunch, but this shit was too funny to ignore… That’s right.  A gigantic M&M with arms and legs beckoning tourists into the store with his general adorableness.  The M&M alone wasn’t so funny… but the Hershey Store’s response across the street was pretty sweet!  Check out the picture, after the jump:



That’s right bitches.  Hershey ain’t gonna take this M&M store Grand Opening lying down.  They’re bringing out the big guns.  If only there had been some sort of ring set up in the middle of Broadway- it would have been a perfect night.  My question is, how did Hershey even know the M&M store was going to have a gigantic M&M prancing around?  Amazing…  between these two lifesize Candy bar things, the girls at the Hawaiian Tropic Zone, and the free toilet thing courtesy of Charmin (in the space formerly occupied by BarCode), is there really any more amazing place in the world than Times Square?


Next week, I’ll tell you about an amazing discovery I made on Wednesday.  A build your own burrito station where fried plantains are one of the add-ons.  That’s right…  Fried sweet plantains, ***inside*** the burrito.  Disgustingly delicious…  have a good weekend!


  • It is all Hershey.

  • Oops, my bad, got confused with Reese’s, feel free to delete above.

  • Sweet, thanks! Check out what I posted today, hahaha.

    I wonder how those giant mascots are faring today with the weather… it’s freezing out. You couldn’t pay me enough to stand out there, seriously.

  • I don’t like the look on that Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup’s face. The M&M on the other hand has a kind of Eeyore look on his face, which makes me feel sorry for him and want to give him a hug. But the guy in the costume is probably a perv, so I won’t.

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