My Favorite Comments, Midtown Links and the end of the week wrap up…

Wednesday is the 6 month anniversary of Midtown Lunch.  That’s right… it all started on June 8th with a posting about Hing Won (naturally)- and for the past six months I have been stuffing my face at new places every single week, all for the benefit of you people.  And don’t think it’s easy.  I’m actually considering exercising for the first time in my life… and I owe it all to this blog.  (But let’s not get crazy just yet… I’m only “considering” it) Hundreds of you read the site every day, and I have to say my favorite part about doing Midtown Lunch is your comments.  Without them (and the email recommendations) it would be hard for me to find all these places to eat on my own (I do actually have a job in Midtown- and only an hour for lunch, just like the rest of you).  So, in honor of our 6 month anniversary, I’d like to share some of my favorite comments with you.  Some insightful (with great recs), some wacky, and some downright mind boggling: My first comment ever… I still remember it.  Greg from Houston wrote:

“Good writing. Like — “You talkin’ to me!””

Um… “good writing” is a stretch (I’m just a fat guy who likes to eat)- but picturing myself as Robert DeNiro in front of a mirror is downright laughable (I’m not tough, or crazy, or a cab driver… maybe a little crazy.)  I don’t remember this comment from “inane” but I actually went to this place on Tuesday and it is really good (I’ll be writing about it next week):

“I’m a fan of the Falafel at Kosher Delight on 46th btw 5th/6th. They have a very nice pickles / coleslaw salad bar to go with it. The schwarma kicks butt too, for a buck they’ll throw falafel balls on that too.”

One of my favorite blogs to read is NYCNosh.  I was so bummed when I got this comment from “Nosher” after a week of posting about Chipotle:

“You just lost another fan of the blog. The free burrito news was great the first time, but four days in a row is overkill. Good luck.”

Thankfully Nosher forgave me, and I’m pretty sure reads the blog again.  The other day I got this one from “coolice” in reference to my post about Good Burger:

“I wonder if they have fried squid burger? That would be so delicious!!!!”

I don’t even know what that means… but if they did have it I would probably order it.  Another one of my favorites was this one from “Cynthia” in response to my post about Yips, a Chinese place on 52nd:

“If you want good chinese food, hit to Chinatown instead.  They have real authentic food in chinatown which they do not substitute MSG in it.  Seafood is a great way to go as well.”

To paraphrase the readers’ comments that followed - “Thank you Captain Obvious!”.  Every tuesday I post a profile of a Midtown Lunch’er… I knew it was only a matter of time before we started getting comments like this one from James (after the jump):

“Good taste and cute. Can we get a midtown date service set up?”

Um… I guess so.  Elizabeth, if you’re interested in this random guy who reads a blog about eating in Midtown and likes picking up girls by posting to their Profiles- I guess you can just comment back to James???  Speaking of picking up people on the site… my all time favorite comment was this one from “Sandra”.  I had written about how the Taco Cart on 54th & Madison gave me stomach ”issues”- and this was her comment:

“You are cracking me up with the bathroom comment…you and I would so get along…too bad you’re married!”

All I can say is WOW.  Yes Sandra, it is too bad I am married.  It has always been my dream to hook up with a woman who finds intestinal problems an attractive quality. (Oh and did I mention that I’m fat).  Good times!  Anyway keep the comments coming!  Here’s this week’s Midtown Links about stuff you definitely want to know about: MIDTOWN LINKS:

So last week, I promised a +/- for Chiyoda Sushi & Two Boots, neither of which happened thanks to the new Good Burger opening, and the TONY Pizza issue.  I’ll see if I can get to them next week… PLUS where you can Schnitzel in pita!!!  Very exciting… see you next week!


  • you’re fat. we get it. we don’t care!! we just wanna read about the midtown lunch.

  • I’m fat too! I like!

  • Have you ever thought about if the NICE restaurants in midtown would pack stuff up for you to go if you asked REALLY nicely? It’s really more of a dinner question I guess, for those of us stuck in the wasteland in long-hour kind of jobs. Sort of like Lunch in Midtown – Act 2. How much does it suck to have to eat TWO of your meals in the wasteland? Sorry for the Rant. I’ve been a huge fan ever since I moved jobs from the East Village. I think I actually cried at lunchtime my first day here.

  • Woo hoo, a link! Thanks!! I kind of think it was Kyotofu but I don’t want people to not go because it was still good. Is that sick? How’s that for fat- it’s like when I eat a lot, I mean a *lot* of ice cream even though I know I have a dairy sensitivity. So even though I’m pretty sure I got sick from my soy cookies, I don’t want to say definitely, and I’d still go back to both Uncle Vanya’s AND kyotofu (if the oppportunity arose).

    PS I went to the gym last night for the first time since September and my midsection is on fire. AND ALL I DID WAS RUN. Slowly.

  • Wow nice blog I added you to my blogroll :) will be watching you :)

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