Kyotofu & Gyu-Kaku Menus, Midtown Links plus the end of the week wrap up…

I know it’s not really Midtown Lunch, but I promised news about Kyotofu when it opened, so here it is… the Kyotofu website says the Grand Opening is on November 6th- but the Hell’s Kitchen Japanese Dessert place has been open every night this week starting at 6:30 PM.  Everything I read made it sound like a bakery AND dessert bar (like a Japanese Amy’s Bread)… but at first glance it appears to be a pretty upscale dessert bar- with no sign of a “bakery” or anything you could take to go.  Here’s the menu for those interested in a little after work Sake & Dessert (click here for a larger image):


There’s also a little controversy as to whether this place even exists in Japan.  There is no sign of a Japanese website, and some questions were raised by the comments on my last post.  Very interesting…. hopefully the “grand opening” on November 6th will include some cheaper things you can actually take to go.

Directly across town, the Midtown branch of Korean Japanese BBQ chain Gyu-Kaku has opened for lunch on 50th and 3rd Ave.  It’s a little pricey to be one of my Midtown Lunches, but if you are looking for one of those grille your own meat places and don’t want to venture below the 40s you can check this one out.  Here’s a link to their lunch menu.  (As much as I liked Gyu-Kaku the one time I went to it in L.A., I think I’ll probably just stick with the Korean BBQ places in Koreatown.)

More Midtown Lunch news, and Midtown Links you definitely want to know about (including one about Chef Ming Tsai being at Rock Center today) all after the jump…



In a little bit of news, in addition to the new look (which I still haven’t decided if I’m keeping- I can’t change the background color… sorry) I added a page where you can see all the Profiled: Midtown Lunch’ers at once.  Want your pic and opinions about eating in Midtown to be added?  Email me at 

Not too much planned for next week… except another buffet (more specifically, the artist formerly known as Minado!).  Very exciting.    Anywhere you think I should be checking out?  Email me at

Have a good weekend!


  • Gyu-Kaku is JAPANESE BBQ. Its completely different though it has some influences from Korean BBQ. One difference: you choose your marinades before your meat comes out at Japanese BBQs.

    MIDTOWN LUNCH:  I totally knew that.  The whole BBQ thing made me space and write Korean.  I’m retarded.

  • Hmm, interesting about Kyotofu… so much controversy over this. Thanks again.

  • hmmmm….lived in tokyo, traveled all over japan–never saw or heard of kyotofu…and, trust me, i ate A LOT of japanese dessert fare (^_^)

  • see my comment on the previous thread…. they’re called ‘tofu cafes’ in japan…. they changed the name cause they thought it wouldnt fly here…

  • I would say it is more accurate to say that Gyu-Kaku is Japan’s take on Korean BBQ. If you look at the menu its 80% Korean. Even Gyu-Kaku says its roots are Korean BBQ.

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