Last Chance for Huaraches… Midtown Links… and the end of the week wrap up

Sometimes on Fridays I like to recommend a place for lunch outside of Midtown for people looking for a weekend excursion.  The kind of place you wished you worked next to…  (A few weeks ago, it was Otafuku in the East Village).   So many people complain about not being able to find good Mexican food in New York City, and while Pampano Taqueria is ok, it’s far from being a foodie destination.  My new mecca for Central & South American food in NYC is the Ballfields in Red Hook… a line of stands circling a soccer field, serving amazing, freshly made food from Mexico, El Salvador, Columbia, and Ecuador (just to name a few of the countries represented.)  Originally set up just to feed hungry ball players, it has now become a genuine food destination for huaraches (pictured below), ceviche, pupusas, tacos, tamales, empenadas, roasted corn (drenched in butter, cheese and red chili pepper), and so much more. 

I mention it, because according to one of the vendors, this weekend is the last weekend before most of the stalls pack up for the winter… a few will remain, but this is your last chance to get the full on experience. 

More info, and directions to the Ballfields, PLUS Midtown links about stuff you’ll definitely want to know about, and the end of the week wrap up- after the jump…

Before heading out to the ballfields, check out Gothamist, NY Mag, and for the most info, including a map of all the stalls- the Porkchop Express. 

Midtown Links:

Next week I will attempt to return to Menchankotei, and actually bring my camera… PLUS I examine who would want to eat a bagel with Wasabi for breakfast (-for lunch… now that’s a different story.)

Have a nice weekend!


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