First Look: Kyotofu, Midtown Links & the end of the week wrap up…

It’s not exactly Midtown Lunch, but I couldn’t help myself with this one…  In the September 18 issue of New York Magazine my interest was totally piqued by the recommendation Kyotofu, a new Midtown West located, “Japanese dessert bar designed by the same Japanese architect who did Jewel Bako and Momofuku.  Share the saffron- sake-poached-pear tartlets and yuzu-citrus-tofu cheesecake.” 

A week and a half later, on September 28th, Time Out New York got into the action printing a recommendation of Kyotofu as well… the “Japan pastry chain that has just opened its first New York (and U.S.) location.“  Naturally I was really excited for the prospect of a Japanese bakery opening in Hell’s Kitchen, the western border of Midtown (and the area I live in).   Only one problem… the place hasn’t even opened yet.  Despite being recommended by two magazines in the past month (one of which specifically said it was open), here’s a picture of Kyotofu taken last night:

Don’t these people go to a place before writing about them???  How do they know what the pear tartlet tastes like?  (It is a chain with locations in Kyoto and Tokyo, but what is  more likely?  The writer visited Japan, and ate the recommended dessert- or just decided to trust the PR material announcing the opening of the New York location.)  Anyway, I’m still excited- and Kyotofu is supposed to be opening sometime in October.  Thanks to a tear in the paper in the window, I got a shot of the inside.

The picture of Kyotofu inside, links about Midtown stuff you definitely want to know about, PLUS the end of the week wrap up, after the jump…

Midtown Lunch Disclaimer:  I have actually eaten at every place written about in Midtown Lunch.  (It’s actually pretty disgusting if you look at all the pictures at once).  As soon as Kyotofu opens I’ll let you know… 

Midtown Links:

Next week, we go inside the new 2007 Zagat Guide, Midtown Style!  Screw Le Bernardin, Per Se & Del Frisco’s… we’re interested in what Zagat has to say about Oms/b, Men Kui Tei, and Kati Roll.  (Actually, we don’t care what they have to say- we just hope some of them made it in!) .  As always, if you have a recommendation, want to be a Profiled: Midtown Lunch’er, or want to dare me to eat a place that you’re scared to try- email me @

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  • I live in Osaka Japan and often go to Kyoto for it Japanese wagashi sweets, and I’ve never seen nor heard of “Kyotofu” chain of patissieries.

    It sounds like they want to start a branch in the states then bring BACK to Japan and market it as New York-style — happens alot.

  • Thanks for keeping me in the know- even though I’m not in midtown. A few friends were champing at the bit to try out Kyotofu, and talked about it all week- until I kindly informed them today that it’s not open yet. :) Made me look like a real in-the-know gal! (And now I send the link… and they will mock my comment.) Click.

  • October 23rd is the day they’re shooting for right now.

  • Daily Candy just sent out an e-mail about this place. Went to their website and there wasn’t a lot on it yet. I tried to do research to find out more and this article popped up. There does not seem to be any website for the location in Japan……. hmmmmm

  • Went to kyotofu last night…. a very nice experience! The dining room is cozy, comfortable and the lighting creates a great atmosphere. The deserts were very tasty and unique, and the saki/liquor menu is extensive and fun. It was their first night, and the service was slow, but the staff is very personable. Will definately go back…

  • i visited kyotofu earlier this week, which is their soft opening. they start longer hours and offering their bakery/takeout items after november 15th. i asked about the japanese connection, since i was curious as well. it turns out there are three partners, one of which has a similar family business in tokyo and kyoto under the name “tofu cafe”. it seems the owners thought this name wouldn’t fly in the states… i gotta agree!
    on a side note, everything was delicious, including the drinks. good atmosphere too. great addition to the neighborhood.

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