Cafe Duke Redux… Midtown Links… and the end of the week wrap up!

For most people who work in Midtown, lunch is dictated by laziness.  More then two blocks away?  Forget it!  Plus, if you go with co-workers you all have to agree on a place.  So, you probably eat at the same place multiple times a week, occasionally branching out so you don’t get too sick of eating the same sandwich or salad every day.  For me, it’s a little different.  I write this blog… so I try to go to new places every single week.  Well, Wednesday I visited an old favorite.  When I first wrote about Cafe Duke I spotlighted the Bulgogi.  Today… meet the Bi Bim Bap.


It’s a cold version, but still pretty good- and reasonably healthy, especially compared to the Bulgogi.  Plus it comes with rice, and kimchee- and if you get the beefbi bim bap, you’re essentially getting a little of the bulgogi as the “beef” part.  Not bad, and once you smear the sweet red chili paste everywhere- it’s all delicious.  PLUS, I saw a new sign for some daily specials they just started serving. 

The new Cafe Duke Specials, Midtown Links about stuff you definitely need to know about, plus the end of the week wrap up- after the jump…

The New Cafe Duke Specials: Monday is Curry Rice.  Tuesday is Beef Short Rib Stew. Wednesday is Teriyaki Chicken.  Thursday is Spicy Chicken Stew.  And Friday is Chopchae over Rice (which is on the regular menu- so I’m not sure how it’s a special).  I’ll be going back on a Tuesday and reporting about the Beef Short Rib Stew very very soon.

Now for the links… if you’re looking to read about expensive meals in Midtown, special events, or what other blogs have to say about our work turf- every Friday we give you:

Midtown Links:

That’s it for this week.  Next week come back for Chicken Bar vs. Ranch1… the EPIC BATTLE!!!  (If you already know who wins- don’t ruin it for everybody else by posting a comment.)  Have a nice weekend…

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