Hawaiian Tropic, 7 Square, Midtown Links and the end of the week wrap up…

I’ve received a lot of emails asking me to recommend nicer restaurants in Midtown for client lunches, and even client dinners.  Clearly these people haven’t read my thoughts on all you can eat buffets, and not wanting to spend $12 on a hamburger lunch.  I’m clearly not going to any fancy lunches… and lord knows the company I work for would never trust me with anything resembling a client.  But there is a lot written about Midtown eating, so- every Friday I will start posting info and links abuot places and news in Midtown that you might be interested in….

The brand new Hawaiian Tropic Zone had it’s grand opening party/fashion show/close down 7th ave. because there are girls sitting on beach chairs in the sand and everybody wants to stop and take pictures, gala event.  If you haven’t heard about this new place, think Hooters meets Ruby Foo’s.  From the looks of the picture above, it seems like Chef David Burke’s menu is clearly going to be the main draw.  New York Times  reported that they were opening to the public yesterday, and Eater claims September 30th.  We’ve heard it’s actually October 2nd.  Mark your calendars boys!

If you are looking for an expensive lunch, and your client is not interested in waitresses in bikinis, one avenue away, 7 Square actually did open yesterday.  As you can see the crowds weren’t as large as the Hawaiian Tropic Zone (maybe they should re-think the whole ‘no watiresses with bikinis’ thing).  Described as an “American Chophouse“, the lunch menu and dinner menu are pretty much the same, with a few lunch-y items during the day, like the 7 Square Hamburger ($13) and the Niman Ranch Hanger Steak Sandwich ($18).  http://www.7squareny.com

But wait there’s more- Midtown Links to stuff you’re going to want to know- after the jump…


Got a tip, recommendation or piece of interesting news about eating in lunch in Midtown?  Email me at zach@midtownlunch.com

Next week… I’ll tackle the Grand Central Terminal food court.  Seems like it has a lot of great options- and yet nobody has emailed me to recommend it.  Is it too obvious or is it that bad?  (It’s also not as crowded as you would think…)  It’s all coming up next week!

I’m also still looking for someone to profile on Tuesday as part of our new PROFILE: MIDTOWN LUNCH’ER feature.  Want to be famous???  Want to be recognized during lunch, and thanked for sharing your favorite places with the blog reading public?  Email me and I’ll make it happen.  Have a nice weekend!


  • Mm, expensive places for dinner. These I can do. The cheap lunches, I can’t do without losing my job. Seriously can you find a job down here? *whine* :)

  • god, do annoying and helpless professional people have to have everything handed to them? client lunches? on an expense account? what’s wrong with Fodor’s? New York magazine? Zagat’s?? asking you to cover that type thing is like asking Click and Clack to host the MTV music awards. it isn’t what it is! (shaking fist, etc)

  • Nice!

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