(The Hidden) Cosi

Deep in the heart of Midtown, there lies a gem, buried where few are willing to go… alright, maybe that’s not true- it’s just a Cosi, on 48th St.  But surprisingly it’s got no sign or awning sticking out- and despite its closeness to 6th avenue you can’t even see the place until you’re right up on it.  It’s pretty unassuming, and I’ve got to think alot of people don’t even know it’s there.  Even when you walk in front of it, it sort of blends into the building. 

I feel like everyone knows Cosi, and it’s silly to write about it- but the other day, when I returned to my desk with a Cosi sandwich, the guy next to me said “What’s that?” “Cosi” I said.  “What is it, a falafel or something?”.  Yes, people like this do exist.  To top it off this “Hidden” Cosi is on the SE corner of 48th & 6th.  Our office is on the NW corner and he hadn’t ever even *heard* of Cosi.  Pretty unbelievable. 

For those of you who rely on this blog for truly hidden gems, and ethnic delights- I apologize, but every once in awhile I gotta throw the normal eaters a bone.  So, for those who have not been to Cosi, consider this your intro.  It’s not that Cosi is that great… or everybody should know about it- but it’s better then most chain sandwich places, and they owe it all to one thing: the bread.

The bread at Cosi is delicious, and if you go during peak time (i.e. lunch) it’s about as freshly baked as you can get.  After spending some time in a wood brick oven, the bread comes out, is sliced, and passed off to be stuffed with the toppings of your choosing- minutes after coming out of the oven.  The bread is so good, they give out little hot free samples in a bowl that sits in front of the wood brick oven.  It’s a great treat while you wait in line to order- plus there is nothing more fun then watching Midtown suits take two and three pieces of free bread out of the bowl (you know who you are people).  Good times.  Also, if you haven’t been to Cosi in awhile they’ve added a fresh baked wheat bread option- so now you have the choice between standard or wheat.

My special Cosi creation, a list of not so hidden locations, and the +/- after the jump…

Cosi has a pretty wide variety of toppings to go on their freshly baked bread including different kinds of chicken, tuna, roast beef, turkey, and various Italian meats- as well as some fancy cheeses like Brie and fresh mozzarella.  They have a bunch of already designed choices or you can make your own.  I’ve created a simple creation which I have only veered from once (a Meatball sandwich that was pretty good).  I take the Grilled Chicken TBM (tomato, basil, and fresh mozzarella) and ask them to use Pesto Chicken instead of the regular grilled chicken.  Then I tell them to leave off the Cosi vinaigrette- because who needs that when the chicken is covered in delicious pesto.  Seems like a pretty standard combo, but for some reason the geniuses at Cosi put their pesto chicken in a sandwich with melted mozarella and sundried tomatoes.  Whatever.

Anyway, it’s not rocket science and for $8 you sort of feel ripped off- but on the flip side you get free chips or carrots and the bread really is delicious.  It’s usually the place I go to when I want something fresh and tasty to counteract my normally greasy lunchtime meals (Hing Won I’m looking at you).


  • The bread. The bread. The bread.  Did I mention the bread?  It’s really the only thing that makes it worth going (and paying $8 for a sandwich)
  • Fresh and gourmet ingredients alongside standard sandwich toppings

THE – (What people who don’t like this place would say)

  • It’s still a chain sandwich shop.  If you’re looking for something extraordinary, this isn’t going to be it.
  • $8 is too much for any sandwich

(The Hidden) Cosi, 61 W. 48th. St. (btw. 5+6th)

Other Locations in Midtown

  • 11 W. 42nd St. btw. 5th & 6th Ave.
  • 60 E. 56th St. btw. Madison & Park Ave.
  • 38 E. 45th St. btw. Madison & Vanderbilt
  • 685 Third Ave. on 44th St.
  • 498 7th Ave. btw. 36+37th St.
  • 1633 Broadway btw. 50+51st. St.


  • Cosi has the best Cobb salads.

  • and their signature salad is divine

  • funny u mention that it’s the “hidden” cosi, b/c i had to meet my friend there for lunch last week and she completely missed it and had to walk back. even thouugh it’s hidden- there was still a humungous line! bleh

  • “Also, if you haven’t been to Cosi in awhile they’ve added a fresh baked wheat bread option- so now you have the choice between standard or wheat.”

    I went to the Cosi on 56th St between Park and Madison for lunch today. I asked about wheat bread, but they did not have it. The woman who took my order was not familiar with that option, and speculated that it might be available at other locations.

  • Guess you’ll have to make the trek to 48th St. for that! Sorry…

  • I tried their breakfast sandwich recently and it’s good, but really, really salty. Salty eggs on salty bread, so get a big water with it if you don’t want to dehydrate.

    Also, even though it should be exactly the same, I think XandO (when they were separate businesses or just separate counters in the same space) made better coffee.

  • I got hooked on Cosi on my last trip to NYC, tuna melt (yum) and when I returned to Miami I said to my husband, I wish there was a Cosi in Miami! Lo and behold the next day I was in Macy’s in the burbs and there was a Cosi! Got to tell you, they can’t get their routine together like a NYC Cosi. Can’t wait ’til March when I’ll be back in NYC to make my Cosi run. Maybe I’ll even take my favorite nephew there for lunch!

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