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A Proper English Lunch at The Victoria Freehouse

The Victoria Freehouse opened a few months ago in Old City, as far east as you can go. The place serves British pub food, though it is  ”freehouse” and not a pub, get it right!

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Post Passover Sweet and Salty Paninis from Panini’s

Since the end of Passover, I have been eating as much bread products as possible. Panini’s in Old City is a pretty much all-carb establishment. The lunch menu is a long list of sandwich, wraps, and panini combos. Exactly what I wanted.

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Classy to Go from Fork: etc

A few years ago  I enjoyed a “classy” lunch with my mom and sister at Fork. The soft-shell grab and beef stroganoff were amazing. Last week, Profiled Luncher Kylie recommended the quick and cheaper lunches at Fork: etc. This is Fork’s take-out spot  next door and features a counter to order upscale soups, sandwiches, and fresh bread. It isn’t all grab and go; there are communal tables to sit at and a big window letting in sunlight.

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Roast Pork Italiano from Nick’s Roast Beef in Old City

Located next to the Old City bars I tried to get into back when I was underage, Nick’s Roast Beef is actually a bar itself but, as the name indicates, a purveyor of sandwiches and other bar snacks and lunch basics. Not being the biggest lover of roast beef, I picked something similar that I figured Nick’s would also do right.

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Dough Wrapped Meat at Barra

This week, Luncher Janeane from Phillyism is trying the savory dough treats at Barra.

I’ve walked past Barra plenty of times, but decided to finally check it out when I heard about their lunch menu. That, and the fact that they bake stomboli-esque burgers and sandwiches. Scoreee!

Barra opened a few months back in the Old City venue that once housed the Paradigm / Dolce mashup. A brick oven and remodeled space boasts a warm ambiance, perfect for a lunch visit on a cool day. With a full menu priced at $$$, their lunch menu is definitely the way to go with burgers and sandwiches between $9-$13 that includes either a side salad or fries. Cue the food pics.

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Triumph Brewing Company for Lunch and Beer

Triumph Brewing Company wooed me at a tasting event with there “Something Else” beer, a beer with so many ingredients you would think they were making soup: pickled and grilled lemons, cardamon, sea salt, thyme, black pepper, mustard seed, bay leaf, brown sugar. An amazing beer that I needed to have again, so I headed to Old City for another pint along with some lunch to go with it.

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Doner Kebob at Old City’s Leyla Turkish Cuisine

Today, we are getting a report on a new Turkish restaurant in Old City from profiled luncher Stephanie.

I prefer to trek west for Middle Eastern, seeking out Kabobeesh. Marrakesh Express and Manakeesh to satiate my kafta and doner kebab cravings. When Leyla Turkish Cuisine opened up in Olde City a mere half-block away from my office, the lure of convenience and the possibility of a new lunchtime go-to brought me to its doors. Leyla is open for lunch at 11am, Tuesday through Sunday.

Leyla boasts a colorful menu of exciting options, such as Yogurtlu Adana and Sac Kavurma. Unfortunately, most of these dishes are over the $10 mark. Not to despair, lunch budget-friendly salads and appetizers dot the menu and there is also a back page with selections of sandwiches, paninis, and burgers under $10.

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