Other Things I Ate This Week: Tacos Around Town, Sometimes on Tuesdays (NoLibs, GradHo, Italian Market)

 *new weekly feature for 2016: brief photo recaps + not lunch

I have been eating a LOT of tacos lately (I also made some great ones) and though none have been mind blowing, I wanted to recap. Because you only deserve mind blowing and should make informed taco decisions. Plus if you make it to the end, I provide a list of my all time favorites.

At Cafe Ynez, I had previously enjoyed the fish tacos. More recently, I dug in to the steak and carnitas (3 for $7 for Taco Tuesday) with the big chunks of carnitas being the better filling. Fish would still be the one to order here.

2025 Washington Ave,  215 278-7579

At El Camino Real, I have yet to find a menu item that I like other than the wings and pig wings. But, the shrimp and chicken skin taco sounded  promising,  but the smoked salsa and spicy mayo couldn’t save the small, lackluster shrimp.

1040 N 2nd St, 215 925-1110

Though not yet open for lunch (and not pictured) Las Camaradas has 2 tacos for $6 during Taco Tuesday. Surprising myself, I had the veggie tacos- with brussel sprouts and mushrooms. Though quite small, these were delicious and I appreciated the textures they were able to achieve with the veggies.  This spot also makes some lovely tequila drinks.

918 S 22nd St, 215 309-3727

At Los Amigos in the Italian Market, I picked up some barbacoa tacos ($8 for 3). These were a little gamey for me but a friend from Texas was impressed and there is clearly a lot of effort put in to getting the meat this tender.

927 S 9th St

In conclusion, none were as good as mine, or as good as some of my other favorites: El Jimenez, South Philly Barbacoa, Buena Onda, Dos Hermanos, Quetzally, El Sabor Poblano, El Rodeo Truck, Las Cazuelas, and Jose’s Tacos


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  • For the record I am an expert taco eater, might have something to do with being able to lick my eyebrows.

    (but you knew all that already)

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