Bon Chon’s Burger Is A Bargain, But Has Some Flaws

For the past couple of years, I’ve really been wanting to try out the angus burger at Bon Chon on John St. (at Cliff). Then the place nearly burned down and they were closed for a time earlier this year. Thankfully, they’ve reopened with the same menu, and I could fulfill my need for a burger topped with kimchi and an onion ring. 

At $9 for a burger and fries, it’s a good deal for a non fast food meal (there are more fries underneath the burger). You can barely find a burger alone for less than $7 around here, and you’re going to push the $10 envelope if you want fries with that unless you’re hitting up Five Guys.

You can get multiple toppings for no charge on the burger at Bon Chon, so I went with romaine, seared kimchi, and an onion ring, but no coleslaw. I figured too many wet ingredients on top of the burger would be a bad idea where bun integrity was concerned. And I was also pretty certain that kimchi and cheese would not mix well in my stomach.

It turns out everything but the onion ring was an excellent idea (it was sog city). They didn’t ask how I wanted the burger cooked, but I would recommend requesting medium because mine was almost well done and part of it was dry. Oddly, the other half was fairly juicy, but could have used some salt.

The burger was on a brioche bun which held up to the moisture from the kimchi and molded nicely to the hand-packed patty. Personally, I think this should be provided as a fixin’ at more burger places instead of pickles.

The portion of fries was generous and they were pretty good too. I was actually impressed with what I got for $9- which was full but not in a food coma. Next time I will just remember to ask for my burger to be cooked medium, and it will be even better.

Bon Chon, 104 John St. (at Cliff), (646) 692-4660


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