L&L Hawaiian Adds Crazy Cheap Chinese Food

l&l buffet sign
It’s been a while since we’ve checked in with L&L Hawaiian BBQ on Fulton St. (at Gold), one of the city’s only sources of greasy, carby Hawaiian plate lunch and Span musubi. They were closed by the Department of Health last fall, and then reopened, but I’ve got to say I’ve been a little afraid of returning for another lunch. I may have to though because they now have a $5.99/pound Chinese buffet Chinese food steam table (not by-the-pound, upon further investigation). I think in place of the sushi bar that used to be up front. This price point is on par with Yip’s a couple of blocks away on William St. so there’s a little competition brewing.

L&L Hawaiian BBQ, 64 Fulton St. (at Gold), (212) 577-8888



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    I’ve haven’t tried the buffet because I generally don’t leave my office for lunch, but I have sampled most of L&L’s menu. Skip the plate lunches, the sushi, and the chinese food. L&L has one (and only one) truly great item on its menu– the BBQ beef sandwich. I strongly recommend it.

    Their french fries are great too, since they’re fried in the same oil as the chicken and you get all that schmaltz. Take with plenty of Lipitor.

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    I stopped by yesterday and there was no buffet — just a steam table that the employees serve you from. Starch (fried rice or lo mein) plus two proteins was $7.50 plus tax, and I’m not sure it came out to 1 1/2 pounds of eats. Overally, it wasn’t much different than your generic Chinese steam table, and I remember being not-that-thrilled with their Spam musubi when I had it a few years back.

    Kudos on their carrying the Honolulu newspaper, though.

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