L&L Hawaiian Allowed To Reopen After DOH Closure

Fans of L&L Hawaiian BBQ on Fulton (btw. Gold & Cliff) may have been a little down at the end of last week as it looks like the Department of Health shut down the plate lunch and Spam musubi purveyor after it got 54 violation points (including the ever popular “live roaches present”) during an inspection on October 12. Lunch’er Jodie wrote in with following disheartening news:

I noticed that it was closed during ┬áit’s usual operating hours on Seamless, so I went to check out the restaurant in person and BAM, there was a notice on the door that the health department had shut it down. Creepy/unsettling detail: I had eaten there just the night before.

According to the DOH site, they were re-inspected on Friday and are allowed to reopen, but will you all be lining up for their gut-bomb lunches?


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