Checking Out ‘wichcraft’s Summer Sandwiches

Earlier this week, ‘wichcraft launched their summer menu, bringing back some of last year’s goodies, while still introducing new combinations. The flank steak ($9.87) and the zucchini and mozzarella ($7.35) sandwiches were great last summer, but I was interested in checking out something new from ‘wichcraft.

They were sold out in Bryant Park on my first attempt to get the chickpea hummus sandwich ($7.35), which I suppose was a good sign. When I finally got my hands on one, I wasn’t really sold on my first bite, but the more I ate, the more I enjoyed this light sandwich. It was herby and bright in flavor. The multigrain bread was actually on the dense side, making this not as flimsy a sandwich as I expected. It could be a really nice option for meatless Monday, if you’re into that sort of thing.

I wasn’t so impressed with last summer’s frittata sandwich, but for some reason, this year’s spoke to me. It was very similar, with peas and other green veggies, topped with aged cheddar ($6.89). But the ciabatta was much better, as was the bread-to-filling ratio, and it was well-seasoned. I’m a sucker for breakfast for lunch, so I would get this again.

The other sandwiches include a chicken salad (with kale, cucumber, walnuts and pickled red onions) also on multigrain bread. At $9.64, it’s a lot for what it is. I think Midtown Lunch’ers would rather spend that kind of money on slow roasted Berkshire pork on a ciabatta roll with red cabbage, jalapeños and dijon mustard ($9.19). Of course, Tom Colicchio’s special mortadella sandwich remains on the menu.

Me? I’m returning for the flank steak — I just hope it is as good as I remember.

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  • Frittata is very good and a good deal. Made better by a squirt of spicy mayo from my stash. Definitely needs something… hot sauce, Lizano, HP would work too

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