Wichcraft Celebrates 10 Years With a Limited Edition Sandwich and Giveaway

Wichcraft, co-founded by Top Chef’s Tom Colicchio, is celebrating its 10-year anniversary with a limited edition sandwich (available through July) and a contest in which entrants submit original ideas for new sandwich combinations. Winners are offered the opportunity to meet Wichcraft’s co-founders, take a “sandwich making crash course,” eat some free meals, and do a bunch of other neat things. They’re accepting entries through June 7, 2013 and all relevant info can be found here.

Now, a look at the sandwich after the jump…

The first thing worth noting is that this sandwich costs $9.99 after tax. That’s a hefty price for a sandwich of this size, but Wichcraft has always been about quality over quantity. If you’re the type of Midtown Lunch’er that values portion size over everything else, you can stop reading here.

For those of you unfamiliar with mortadella, it’s a cold cut resembling something in between ham and bologna. I was quite pleased with the ratios of this sandwich; there was no skimping on the meat. The cheese, robiola (which I had never had before), is a creamy, soft cheese – so much so that it almost seemed more like butter or mayonnaise. It was one of the stronger tasting, more noticeable ingredients here.

I couldn’t really distinguish the pickled red onion, salsa verde, and garlic puree from one another, but the flavors were all there. They blended to create a green goop that was really quite good. There were noticeable traces of garlic and basil in there; it sort of tasted like pesto, actually. Things got a bit messy towards the end, but it’s nothing that a couple of napkins can’t handle. I definitely could have used a mint after eating this thing, though.

All in all, this is a fancy sandwich. It’s got a few uncommon ingredients that seem like they were chosen very intentionally. The flavors blend together really nicely and each bite is consistently enjoyable from beginning to end – definitely not a sandwich you’d find at your average corner deli. If you don’t mind maxing out the Midtown Lunch budget, or if you’re a fan of Wichcraft in general, definitely check this thing out. You can get it at any Wichcraft location through July!

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