Did You Know Korilla BBQ Was on Sesame Street!?

How did we miss this one??? Well, perhaps the writers at Midtown Lunch are too busy watching food porn and forgot to set our DVR’s to catch some quality children’s programming.

But thanks to an email from Luncher Rachael (and her child’s Sesame Street viewing), we learned that Eddie Song and the Korilla Truck were indeed featured on Sesame Street. The episode aired back in November and has been in re-runs. Eddie teaches Murray (the Elmo-like puppet above) how to make Korean food from a truck- but sadly there is no video of the scene online. I’m sure this has given Korilla a new group of adolescent fans. Let’s hope they don’t add to the already massive lines at the truck.

And if anybody doubted Korilla’s ethics from their previous television appearance on the Great Food Truck Race, I think this has cleared it up.

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