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Lunch Links (The “Turkey Touchdown” Edition)

City 75′s Touchdown. Photo courtesy of SENY

  • City 75′s Touchdown is one of the best turkey sandwiches in NYC [SENY]
  • Say goodbye to the 75 year old Stage Deli [NYT]
  • Midtown fast food workers strike for better wages [NYT]
  • Even Chris Hardwick & Co had something to say about the Guy Fieri review! [Nerdist]
  • Buy a food truck calendar to support the Street Vendor Project [NYSF]
  • Midtown sports 3 of NYC’s oldest cocktail bars [Eater]

Midtown Happy Hour: Cassidy’s Happy Hour Is A Truly Happy Occasion

If you like to eat, chances are you like to drink (read: a lot of you are freakin’ lushes), so I thought maybe it was time to introduce a happy hour column to the site. Every week, our Happy Hour Correspondent posts about a different bar in Midtown that fits the Midtown Lunch mentality: unhealthy food, not lame (unless it’s lame in a cool way), and most importantly… cheap.

While trying to figure out a place to go for happy hour this week, I looked in my notes and saw I had made a note to look into Cassidy’s (55th btw. 5th and 6th) some time ago. It’s a rare occasion when you do a search for a pub on Midtown Lunch and you come up with no full blog post, but four, YES four references in comments or Profiled Lunchers’ write ups saying it’s good. According to readers, Cassidy’s is a go-to place and a good space, with a great burger, where the Guinness is fresh.

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Groupon Up for Pitopia: If you're skeptical about Midtown Lunch readers voting Pitopia as the best falafel in Midtown, or if you don't want to take Midtown Lunch contributor MJP's word for it, then here's your chance to at least save some dosh in the process: Pitopia's got a couple of Groupons today. The only catch is that you have to spend it in one shot, which is a LOT of falafel. The $12 Groupon will get you at least two giant freaking falafel pitas and toppings that make Maoz shudder, they're so good.

Pearl’s Chinese Is No More

We got a worrisome email yesterday from a Luncher who attempted to order from Pearl’s Chinese on 7th Avenue between 48th and 49th, but with no luck. Upon further investigation, we discovered that Pearl’s has been closed for a few weeks now. How did we miss this?

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Today’s the Last Day to Get Certé’s November Sandwich: The Getting Thanks sandwich that we featured in our Thanksgiving video is going away after today. They won't be doing another Midtown Lunch sandwich until February due to the holidays, so make sure you stop by Cer té (on 55th btw. 5+6th) today to get a taste of the turkey meatloaf, turkey cracklins and green bean casserole.

Flatiron Lunch: Singapura Breaks the Curry Hill Mold…Kinda

Every Friday we go south of the ML boundaries in search of a delicious lunch. Sometimes it’s Murray Hill south or the Flatiron District, sometimes Gramercy and everything in between- but we just like to call it Flatiron Lunch.

I know I talk about my love of Curry Hill too much, but really, it’s the best (in Flatiron Lunch at the least!) I recently went with a few potential spots in mind for lunch, but willing to make a game time decision. In the process, I stumbled upon Singapura – A gem of a restaurant that adds a new dimension to Curry Hill. Specifically, a Hakka Chinese/Malaysian/Thai dimension.

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Cafe Zaiya Has Partially Reopened After Building Fire

Thanks to Lunch’er Derrick for passing along this piece of good news! I think it’s safe to say most people just care about the bakery and the bento anyway, right?

Cafe Zaiya on 41st Closed Due to Building Fire

Big Gay Ice Cream Explains Why They Avoided Midtown

Since they launched back in 2009, the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck hasn’t spent much time in Midtown, and in this week’s episode of the Food is the New Rock podcast (featuring our own Zach Brooks) they explain why: it was the Mister Softee mafia that kept them away.  They also talk about the time they were shaken down by elite Yelpers, and even the Midtown Lunch commenters get mentioned! (Zach and the guys kind of agreed, you guys are evil.)  Download or stream the episode for free on iTunes>>

Photo courtesy of Donny Tsang

Gangnam Style Cart Pops Up Again Uptown: A few weeks ago we discovered a new Korean food cart on Madison and 33rd that was looking to capitalize on the success of Psy's totally annoying dance hit.  It promptly disappeared (much to our dismay) but Gothamist has discovered the cart again up on Columbus and 60th.

It’s Confirmed: The New Nino’s 46 is Less of a Midtown Lunch Than the Original

Along with many Midtown Lunchers, I’ve been walking past Nino’s 46, formerly Nino’s Trattoria, waiting for signs of it opening for many months. Finally it has undergone a soft opening, but to our dismay the menu had become far more expensive. Lunchers, I’m here to report: our fears that Nino’s Trattoria reincarnation Nino’s 46 is no longer a Midtown Lunch are pretty much confirmed. My coworker and I dropped by this week anyway to give it a shot.

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