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Ol’ Boy’s Soul Food Restaurant Fried Chicken Platter

Ol’ Boys Soul Food Restaurant opened in the summer of 2013 in an area that looks a little neglected- I say this because we parked next to an abandoned house whose first floor was covered in garbage. I can’t say I have done too much dining around the 60th and Locust area. But that might change now. Obviously from the name, I knew to expect soul food and to probably not expect a salad.  I also couldn’t not think about the beloved, and very violent Korean movie that Spike Lee remade last year (see the original, please).

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Pakistani Style Fried Chicken for 2 at Kabobeesh

Kabobeesh’s familiar long, single level design would lead you to believe it is a diner. But instead of waffles and milkshakes, you will find curry and  lassis inside. Kabobeesh has a full menu of Pakistaki meat and vegetables in sandwich and platter form. I wasn’t sure what I was going to order when the rotating food slide show above the counter plastered a picture of a whole fried chicken.  I remembered my previous experiences ripping in to an entire fried chicken at Wa-Gi-Wah, and decided to see how this bird compared.

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A Trip to Honest Tom’s

Today Luncher Rachel heads to Honest Tom’s brick and mortar restaurant.

It’s hard to walk west down Locust without stopping at Koch’s for lunch—but the extra block is worth it for Honest Tom’s. Previously a food truck, Honest Tom’s new store front sits on 44th street between Locust and Spruce. Although the block is newly built up, boasting Local 44, Tampopo and the Lil’ Pop Shop alongside Honest Tom’s, the food at this funky, laid- back Mexican restaurant is as delicious as it was in the food truck days.

The bright, welcoming façade leads into an equally exciting interior—bustling kitchen in the back contrasts with the relaxed, no-fuss feel of the staff and waiting area. Offering a few tables to sit and chalkboards for menus, this place is hassle-free. The only focus is good food.

Although the menu is slightly limited (tacos, burritos, guacamole and salsa), there is
something for everyone. From chicken and steak to fish and sweet potato, the array of options eliminates the veto vote (unless someone doesn’t like Mexican food, but who doesn’t like Mexican…)

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Grocery Store + Indian Food At Rice and Spice

I worked up an appetite after a meeting in UCity, so I Yelped around and found a few reviews about an Indian restaurant at the back of the Rice and Spice Grocery store. I walked straight to the back and was given a pen and pad to write down my order.

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Wah Gi Wah’s Pakistani Fried Chicken

Chicken Chargha, aka Pakistani Fried Chicken, is the reason that LeBan and other’s come to Wah-Gi-Wah. I had to get in on this unique chicken preparation. Unlike other fried chicken places in the city who run out early, only serve one day a week, or periodically take it off the menu- you will be able to get your chicken fix here from 11am until 11pm. I find that comforting.

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Nagwon Garden: Even Decent Jajungmien is a Good Lunch

I am always, always searching for great jajangmyeon, the Korean dish of fermented bean paste, zucchini, onions (and often pork), over fat noodles. There is something about it that makes me go through great lengths to get some. (Coincidentally, Meal Ticket just posted a recipe for the Chinese version, but I’d rather leave it to the pros) Previously, I could begrudgingly get my fix at Pastoral, weird service and all, but they’ve closed. So now I have to travel a little farther from home to seek it out. I found some at Nagwon Garden in West Philly.

But first, their banchan. I enjoyed the kimchee and potatoes, but I would advise to steer clear of the mushy looking cucumbers, they taste like a fish died in them.

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