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Doner worry about it, Leziz Turkish replaced S & H Kebab House by Name Alone

I was upset at first when I heard that S &H Kebob house, a favorite South St cheap eats Turkish spot, had turned into Leziz Turkish. But, luckily it was just the name that changed. The menu is intact. And lunch specials are still under $10  including my favorite dish- the manti. I made a return trip to try some of the other lunch specials, like the lamb shawarma.

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Dreaming of Shakshuka at Cafe Ole

This week, Luncher Janeane from Phillyism is in Old City eating an Israeli favorite of mine- shakshuka.

Café Ole, an Israeli café sandwiched between Old City boutiques, is somewhat of a Mediterranean Oasis for lunching locals – with an otherworldly vibe and unique lunch eats. It’s the perfect place to grab a coffee, grab lunch, or just hang out with an iced tea, with tables inside and out and doors swung open as if they’re waiting for your arrival. If the café isn’t busy, it’s really the perfect place to relax in Old City. On beautiful days during the coffee rush and lunch, it can get jam packed, so expect slower service and to have to make your way through a ravenous lunch crowd.

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Baklava Cafe, South Street’s Newest Mediterranean Spot

Baklava Cafe opened last week on South Street with welcoming open window seating and a selection of Mediterranean pastries and platters.

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Gyro Fries and Zaatar Pizza at Bitar’s

The last lunch date of my Israel travel friends at Mamma’s was very successful. We wanted a new place to try when we all got together again. After doing some online research, I found out that the speciality food store Bitar’s also serves Middle Eastern food. A long walk to Federal street worked up our appetite.

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Doner Kebob at Old City’s Leyla Turkish Cuisine

Today, we are getting a report on a new Turkish restaurant in Old City from profiled luncher Stephanie.

I prefer to trek west for Middle Eastern, seeking out Kabobeesh. Marrakesh Express and Manakeesh to satiate my kafta and doner kebab cravings. When Leyla Turkish Cuisine opened up in Olde City a mere half-block away from my office, the lure of convenience and the possibility of a new lunchtime go-to brought me to its doors. Leyla is open for lunch at 11am, Tuesday through Sunday.

Leyla boasts a colorful menu of exciting options, such as Yogurtlu Adana and Sac Kavurma. Unfortunately, most of these dishes are over the $10 mark. Not to despair, lunch budget-friendly salads and appetizers dot the menu and there is also a back page with selections of sandwiches, paninis, and burgers under $10.

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Say Yes to White Sauce and Street Fish

Walking down 13th Street, you might notice the flashing LED sign of the Halal Express Cart. The cart owners came from NYC less than 2 months ago bringing their street feed to Center City. After getting good feedback from Luncher Mary, I stopped by.

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Happy to Hop On The Marrakesh Express

Today, recently Profiled Luncher Rachel checks out a new food truck in UCity.

At Penn, people think they are food cart experts. You constantly overhear conversations about “my regular order at Bui’s, or how “Obviously the people at Magic Carpet  know me.” That being said, new food carts on campus are no small deal, especially this one. When I heard that Marrakesh, a restaurant previously a little further west than I’d probably venture, gave up its storefront for a food cart closer to campus, I could not wait to be one of the first to try it. People who knew the place raved, and people who though they new food carts (me included) got very excited.

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