Baklava Cafe, South Street’s Newest Mediterranean Spot

Baklava Cafe opened last week on South Street with welcoming open window seating and a selection of Mediterranean pastries and platters.

A shish kebob platter came with a skewer of beef and onion on top of an olive heavy salad. The beef had a lip smacking seasoning but was on the dry side, as was the pita that came with it. The hummus wasn’t super flavorful but I enjoyed it. The rice pilaf was spruced up by some almonds. And the salad had fresh veggies, pickles things, and a really great white sauce. But the $9.79 price tag for so few pieces of meat is high considering similar kebab platters elsewhere.

Spinach and cheese pie was also overpriced at $3.70, especially considering that the Greek ladies at St. Church do it bigger and better for $2. It was, however, very flakey and the spinach cheese mixture had a lot of flavor.

Baklava Cafe has a ton of little desserts, including, of course, a wide array of baklava variations. Baklava isn’t really my think so I tried something called a Shaaebiyat- which was a sweet cheese filled pastry topped with honey for $2.50.

I think Baklava Cafe is a nice place to sit and people watch while enjoying a pastry. The platters are priced high for what they come with but all sandwiches are under $7. I didn’t get to try the chicken and veggie pie, which looks like a big empanada, so I might give this place a second try to check that out.

THE + (What somebody who likes this place would say)

  • Sweet, savory, or thirsty they have you covered
  • Good South St people watching
  • Terrific white sauce

THE – (What somebody who doesn’t like this place would say)

  • Dry meat
  • Platters priced higher than they are worth
Baklava Cafe, 627 South St, 267 702 3623



  • I’d be curious if their sandwiches are better than the platters

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    The place has been open for over a month, I tried their baklava and some other pastries and I loved it. I go there every week the prices is right. I love illy coffee too…!!!
    I will stop by tonight to eat their food and let you know…

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    Way way off. Try the Moroccan chicken platter. 14 bucks for half a stewed chicken
    With stewed eggplant, an amazing saffron rice pilaf and carrot salad. Some of the best delivery food in center city for sure. Please let’s get more of this on south street and less flash mobbiness.

  • Again- my criticism is mostly of the pricing. I can’t help but compare the prices to those of the Greek Church since some of the food served is similar

    As I mentioned, the spanikopita is bigger, cheaper, and better at the Greek Church. And they can do chicken and 2 sides for $8. In my opinion, $14 for half a chicken is a little steep for such a casual restaurant.

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