Say Yes to White Sauce and Street Fish

Walking down 13th Street, you might notice the flashing LED sign of the Halal Express Cart. The cart owners came from NYC less than 2 months ago bringing their street feed to Center City. After getting good feedback from Luncher Mary, I stopped by.

Combo plates are the way to go. Lamb, chicken, falafel, shrimp, and fish are available until they close at 6pm or until they run out. I had the lamb and fish over rice for $6. The platter comes with some lettuce and tomato. And if you say yes, a squirt of white sauce and hot sauce. You should say yes. The lamb was in small pieces rather than the strips I prefer, but they had a nice grilled flavor.

The fish (tilapia) was what really stood out.  The quality of fish from a street cart could be questionable. But the meaty fillet (what she order? fish fillet?) did not taste the slightest bit funky.  And I really liked the spicy tomato marinade.

Underneath, the brown-yellow rice was not bland, but I talked to the cart guys and they hinted that if there was enough interest, they could serve biryani like the famous carts in NYC. So I suggest ordering that fish while making a biryani plea. Thanks.

THE + (What somebody who likes this place would say)

  • Awesome cart fish, real deal white and hot sauce

THE – (What somebody who doesn’t like this place would say)

  • I am way too scared to eat fish from a cart

Halal Gyro Express, 13th Street by Sansom St


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  • Say yes to SPecial combo with Chicken + Lamb+ Falafel with rice ,salad and a free drink only for 6 bucks….. I love white sauce with super hot stuff on it….

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