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Improve Your Mann Center Visit with Jamaican Chicken Platters

I have been picnicking pretty hard this summer; casually eating outside is one of life’s simple pleasures. Making my way over to a Mann Center performance, I wanted to pick something up nearby to make a little picnic to go along with the classical music and BYO summer friendly white wine we brought. The area by the Mann Center is rich with tiny, Caribbean and Jamaican spots.  I picked two of them, right across the street from each other, just north of the 52nd Street subway stop.  Both had similar set ups, a counter to order large platters from and a few tables to sit at.

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Jerk Wings and Fried Chicken Lunch Patters are Winners at Rio Cobre

My friend who used to live on South Street recommended I go with him to try his favorite local restaurant, Rio Cobre, for Jamaican food. I had previously checked out the spot and liked it when it was called Mango Bush, which also served Jamaican food.

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Updated: North Philly/Temple Truck News

After being missing for several months the Irie Food Truck is back. They needed some time to get the truck inspection level ready. For now, just breakfast and sandwiches will be served. The Jamaican menu, including the Jamaican patties and stew chicken, is back next week.

Meal Ticket has just reported that a taco truck opened on 12th and Norris. Chris’s Taco Truck is now in its 2nd week. Tacos are $6 for 3. Check out the Facebook page or Twitter for updates.

Update: And more tacos! It looks like Coup de Taco is testing out Temple Campus on Tuesdays. This would be their 3rd location, in addition to University City and LOVE Park. Double check their location on Twitter.

Following the Sign to a Jerk Chicken Platter at Mango Bush

Sometimes my eating habits remind me of that Ace of Base song “The Sign”. (You remember, “I saw the sign, and it opened up my eyes, I saw the sign”) My lunches are frequently based on street signs that catch my eye and tempt me. I must have been channeling that Swedish group while passing Mango Bush, a little Caribbean eating hole.  This particular signage offered take out platters for $8. It didn’t at all specify what comes on the platter, but I was in the mood to be surprised.  Lucky for me, the sign opened up my eyes to some jerk chicken.

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Templetown’s Irie Food: Lickin’ the Brown Stew Chicken

Midtown Lunch: L.A. wrote about a Jamaican food truck this week, so I figured it was about time to point out a Philly equivalent. Though University City gets all the love for their fab food truck scene, the Temple area has a few gems of its own, including the Irie Food Truck.

You will not walk away hungry after finishing your meal from the Irie Food truck. Staples like jerk chicken and oxtail are served in 3 different sizes: mini (comes with one side, $5.50), medium (with 2 sides, $7.50), and large (with 3 sides, $9).

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