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Hot Diggity is the Wiener Winner (Plus they have a Pickle Plate this month!)

Hope you all had a lovely 4th of July. I am no Hawk Krall, but I have tried a good amount of hot dogs in this city. For some reason, I put off trying Hot Diggity- despite having won Phila Weekly’s hot dog battle against Underdogs. For the most American day of the year, I couldn’t put off a visit any longer.

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Wiener Wednesdays: The Dos Segundos Mexican Hot Dog

First John went to Underdogs, then I went to Maui’s Dog House. This week, for Wiener Wednesdays it is a hot dog special in Northern Liberties.

Unlike Underdogs or Maui’s, Cantina Dos Segundos specializes not in hot dogs, but in Mexican food. On special, however, is the Mexican hot dog. I had heard good things, and needed to try it for myself.

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Wiener Wednesdays: Maui’s Dog House for Wurst and Salty Balls

Hot dogs are the hotness; last week John had  Texas Tommy and a chili dog at Underdogs. Today, its an equally new hot dog shack in Center City.

You knew it would be Maui Dogs right? This branch of the original Jersey spot opened in the Bellevue’s basement food cart at the end of January, about a month before last Wednesday’s wiener joint, Underdogs.

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Wiener Wednesdays: Starting With Underdogs

Hot dogs are the hotness right now. It is time Midtown Lunch Philly starts comparing. We start with John’s look at Underdogs. Next Wednesday, it will be someone else’s wieners.

Compared to other cities and regions, Philadelphia’s hot dog scene has not been too prominent until very recently. Fortunately, several new establishments specializing in hot dogs have sprouted up in different parts of the city. The newest is Underdogs, which opened up in the below street level spot previously occupied by Argan. Since its opening in late February, Underdogs has drawn big lunch crowds eager to try their hot dog offerings. Based on the quality of the food, it does not appear that the crowds will die down any time soon.

The menu at Underdogs is pretty extensive. If you thought you could there were only so many ways to dress up a hot dog, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. There are no less than thirteen hot dog and ten sausage offerings, in addition to twelve different dipping sauces for the French fries. You can choose just a hot dog or sausage offering, but the best values are the combos of a hot dog, fries and drink.

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Weiners with the Works on a Grumpy Day From A.P.J. Texas Weiner Restaurant

Sometimes, when it is just one of those no good, very bad days, you want a lunch that fits the occasion. A.P.J. Texas Weiner Restaurant, around but not inside Reading Terminal, is a small diner serving the basics to all who enter. The fact that you don’t have to worry about anyone trying to talk to you combined with the greasy atmosphere makes it the right place to eat when you need to sit down and have a little grumpy alone time. And Hot Dog expert Hawk approves of their weiner, so I had faith it would hit the spot.

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Take a Guess What I Ordered at Bubby’s Brisket and Bugsby’s Wieners

I can’t help but love the idea of a little shack that serves up a limited random menu of meat. So when a friend who lives right by Bubby’s Brisket and Bugsby’s Weiners told me about it, I was happily confused. Brisket and hot dogs? I could be very into that.

Half a brisket sandwich is $6 and a hot dog with the works (kraut, onions, relish)  is only one dollar! Chili dogs, and big ass 1/4 dogs are also on the menu. So are cheesesteaks, but I needed to stick to Bubby’s signature sandwich.

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