Take a Guess What I Ordered at Bubby’s Brisket and Bugsby’s Wieners

I can’t help but love the idea of a little shack that serves up a limited random menu of meat. So when a friend who lives right by Bubby’s Brisket and Bugsby’s Weiners told me about it, I was happily confused. Brisket and hot dogs? I could be very into that.

Half a brisket sandwich is $6 and a hot dog with the works (kraut, onions, relish)  is only one dollar! Chili dogs, and big ass 1/4 dogs are also on the menu. So are cheesesteaks, but I needed to stick to Bubby’s signature sandwich.

The half sandwich is pretty hefty. The chopped brisket pieces were totally soft as buttah. I should have gotten some cheese on it to kick up the flavor, but overall I was really pleased with what Bubby had to offer.

So, I was exceptionally staving at lunchtime and kept saying yes to whatever the staff asked me and ended up accidentally agreeing to a chili dog, when I wanted a regular hot dog. Oops. Either way, their snappy hot dogs were surprisingly great. And who sells hot dogs for only a dollar anymore? Especially when that dollar includes a big helping of kraut and onions.

Good team work, Bubby and Bugsby!

THE + (What somebody who likes this place would say)

  • I love a random meat shack
  • $1 for a snappy hot off the grill dog
  • Cheap and large brisket sandwich

THE – (What somebody who doesn’t like this place would say)

  • The alleged fresh squeezed lemonade was certainly not
  • Claustrophobia sufferers might need to have a friend pick up for them
  • Cash only

Bubby’s Brisket and Bugsby’s Wieners,  103 N 15th (@ Arch  St.), 215-569-0184



  • Jamie. How the hell do you eat so much and stay that thin? If you were to burn it off at the gym you wouldn’t have any time to midtownlunch!

  • never leave home without a girdle?

  • That brisket sandwich looks like a hell of a deal!

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    Never had the brisket, but my coworkers practically live off their breakfasts!

  • Thanks to all who Love Bubby’s. The brisket is one-of-a-kind. Thanks, Max
    P.S. If anyone wants to start a franchise, email or call. We’re having a sale.

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    It’s very hot today and I didn’t really want to go out for lunch. I figured Buddy’s wasn’t too far of a walk and I just need to avoid the sun. My friend came to my office before we headed to Buddy’s…he was soaking wet from sweat. I sooo didn’t want to go out.

    I told myself, it’s wasn’t hot, at least is wasn’t humid. It’s all in my head and I need to get a hot dog with a side of brisket.

    There was a short line in front of the place. hhmmm, each time I walk by there, it’s normally empty… but then again, I normally get a late lunch… While waiting in line, the fish cake caught my eye… but I came here for the hot dog and brisket. The 1/4 and chili dog looks good for $1.50… but no.. must stay to my goal. I ordered the brisket (no cheese) and hot dog (ketchup, mustard, and relish). It didn’t took them that long to have it ready.

    Hot dog, it tasted like a hot dog, a crispy hot dog. I enjoyed it. Next time I’m going for the other hot dogs they have… fish cake and hot dog… what the.. I want to go back for that… I wonder if it’s the same kind of fish cake I’m thinking about….

    Brisket, it has a subtle taste of a stew that I had before containing beef chuck (sometimes brisket), bamboo and hard boiled egg. I though it was just me, but my friend agreed. Now I’m carving the stew…

    If I ever wander around center city since I can’t decide what to eat, I normally end up at a food cart getting a hot dog, now my aimless waltz will take me to Buddy’s.

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