Sesame Tofu from Su Xing House

The restaurant industry can be chaotic. Its nice to know that some places are not going anywhere.  Su Xing is definitely on that list. A favorite lunch spot of meat eaters and vegetarians, the place always has a solid lunch crowd. Lunch specials, which include soup, rice, and a side, max out at $8.

I started with the hot and sour soup again, and just as I noted the last time I had lunch at Su Xing, it was packed with healthy floating things but a little thin. On that visit, I learned they really know how to fry tofu. So, I tried the sesame tofu and it was exactly what I hoped it would be; really crispy bite sized tofu pieces topped with sesame seeds and a mild sauce. Along with some broccoli, my brown rice, and soy beans, I didn’t miss meat (…for lunch, obviously I needed to eat something that once moo-ed for dinner).

Su Xing House1508 Sansom St (@ 15th St), 215 564 1419


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