Be Sure to Get Saucy at Su Xing House

So many Profiled Lunchers have recommended vegetarian paradise Su Xing House, it is silly it took me this long to go. I guess my excuse is that I prefer some meat with my lunch. Chinese food without some sort of pork product seems sad to me. But they have to be doing something right, since everyone seems to love it.

The lunch specials are awesome- for about $7 you get served your main dish, rice, soup, and a side. It is a lot of food.

My hot and sour soup was very hot- I appreciated that. But it was a little thin; usually I frown at too much corn starch in soup, but maybe this time some thickening would have been beneficial.

I liked my cold tofu side dish, despite my tofu heavy entree choice. So much tofu. It’s good for me, right?

With a name like  As-you-Wish, I almost didn’t have a choice; I had to have it. Tofu skin is filled with mushrooms and more tofu. The components tasted fresh and the different textures of tofu and mushroom were enjoyable.  But I could not help but be envious of another dish at the table…

Dishes like this eggplant with tofu in garlic sauce are the reasons people go crazy for Su Xing. This made me not miss meat. The tofu was perfectly crispy and the sweet mellow eggplant soaked up the addictive sauce. I think one key to success here is ordering a dish that comes with sauce.  What are your favorites?

THE + (What somebody who likes this place would say)

  • Entree, soup, side, rice for $7
  • The lunch entree list is huge
  • Great attentive service
  • They know how to handle eggplant and tofu- you might find yourself not missing meat
  • The yummy tea is constantly refilled

THE – (What somebody who doesn’t like this place would say)

  • The As You Wish is not quite as mind blowing as I did wish
  • Hot and sour soup was a little watery
  • I am not full unless there is meat

Su Xing House, 1508 Sansom St (@ 15th St), 215 564 1419



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    I try to stay away from anything with a thick sauce because their sauces border on cloyingly sweet. That being said, everything is absolutely fresh and delicious. I particularly like the stir-fried kale with dried tofu and hot pepper. You must have hit the hot and sour soup on an off day, because it is one of the best around.

  • As much of a carnivore that I am…. this looks intriguing.

  • the general tso’s “chicken” is the BEST thing on the menu, and if you go back you’ve gotta get the scallion pancakes too.

  • @malty I am kind of anti- fake meat. I’d rather just get tofu or veggies. Does anyone else agree?

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