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Lunch Links (The “How Many Cheesesteaks Per Hour?” Edition)

Photo courtesy of Penn Appetit

  • Duck ragout is the lunch time winner at a. kitchen [Penn Appetit]
  • A  Texas bbq spot opened on South Street last week. Have you tried it yet? [Zagat]
  • Some  superior human consumed 20 Jim’s cheesesteaks in an hour, a new record [Foobooz]
  • Though its a while from now, folks are already getting exciting about Elmi on schedule April 7th at the Garage’s indoor food truck [Eater]

Lunches We Need from China

Last week I was traveling in China; seeing the sites and eating the eats. Snacking all day long at little local spots was the main reason, despite MANY stressful moments, that we were glad we did not go with a tour group.  Here are some highlights:


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Lunch Links (The “Brie Mine” Edition)

Photo Courtesy of Paperless Post via Huffington Post

  • Food related Valentines Cards are the best [Huffington Post]
  • Noir on E Passyunk is beginning lunch service
  • Thrillist compares fast food fried chicken so you don’t have to settle for an uncrunchy genetically modified thigh [Thrillist]
  • Penn Appetit loves the kebabs and naan at the UCity Kabobeesh [Penn Appetit]
  • While my shabu shabu experience was a little boring this week, 22nd and Philly got their mouths blasted by Sakura’s hot pot [22nd & Philly]
  • Zagat has a list of last minute V-Day deals around Philly [Zagat]
  • Foobooz compiled some Yelp check in offers in town for free things.  I have definitely taken advantage of the free cookie at Talula’s Daily [Foobooz]

再见或回头见, going on a trip!

Midtown Lunch Philly will be on hiatus next week while I am traveling in… CHINA! I will be stopping in Beijing, Xi’an, and Shanghai. Follow me on twitter, because I will be posting lots of pictures of my meals.

Before I leave, who has China suggestions for me??

And if you want to pretend like you are eating with me, all of my Chinese lunches in Philly can be found here.

Check Me Out

This week, I worked on a few articles for Zagat Philly. Have a look!

  • A Sochi themed idea for lunch (with some more pictures and details from my visit here)
  • A guide to grocery shopping at Philly’s international super markets

PROFILE: Philly Luncher “Christina”

Though we have been lacking volunteers lately, on certain Tuesdays we turn over the site to a different lunch’er for his or her recommendations for the best lunch in Philadelphia. This week it’s Christina, a student and freelancer. 

Name: Christina

Age: 26

Occupation: I’m a full time student and part time freelancer

Where in Philly do you Work?: School is up at Temple

Favorite Kind of Food: I really love Italian food. I also really love more unhealthy food like pizza, burgers, and french fries.

Least Favorite Kind of Food: I can’t handle spicy food.

Favorite Place(s) to Eat Lunch in Philly: Anything cheap and delicious. Street Food Philly has my favorite burger in the city.

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Simply Shabu – A DIY Meal

Shabu Shabu, the dining experience that required diners to dip raw food into broth until cooked to the desired temperature, is popular in other major cities but has not yet made it big in Philly. There are a handful of Chinatown restaurants who offer hot pot and shabu shabu on the menu, but month-old Simply Shabu, is the first to offer only this high heat meal.

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