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Lunch Links (The “I Only Care about the Super Bowl for the Food” Edition)

Photo Courtesy of Drink Philly 

  • Best Super Bowl Dip? Vote in the quarterfinals [Deadspin]
  • And bars with wings, in time for the Super Bowl [Drink Philly]
  • But you probably can’t eat as much as this mom from Nebraska who set a new Wing Bowl record (363 in 30 min) []
  • Who is your celeb chef soul late? Better not be Guy [Huffington Post]
  • Uwishunu has a double noodle soup round up for the cold weather: ramen and pho with familiar Midtown Lunch spots- Nom Nom, Hiro, Pho 75, Pho Ha, and Thang Long
  • Johnny Brenda’s rolled cheeseburger sounds weird, looks awesome [Zagat]

Bap Yourself on South Street

Bap is a tiny spot on 12th and South offering bibimbap as of last month. Bibimbap = Korean dish with hot rice, vegetables, and an egg. Actually, Bap explains it best:

I like that it keeps it simple, just bibimbap, with 4 topping options.

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The Elusive $1 Slice: Hot From the Oven at Rosa’s Fresh Pizza

Today, Luncher Jon finds a dollar slice in Philly that doesn’t suck (unlike the ones inside the office building at 1211 Chestnut Street, which are horrible) 
You don’t think you can get anything for a dollar? How about a decent slice of pizza? Rosa’s Fresh Pizza, which opened about a month ago, can feed you a slice for a single George Washington bill. Located on 11th Street between Market and Chestnut, Rosa’s has a simple formula: serve pizza (and only pizza) fresh and inexpensively.
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Chicha and Chicken, Peruvian Dining at Inka Wall

Inka Wall, a Peruvian restaurant, is one of the newer occupants of the “HMart Plaza” in Upper Darby. We don’t have a ton of Peruvian food in Philadelphia,  that’s enough of a reason to make the trip west to the end of the Market/Frankford line.

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Lunch Links (The “Dumpling and Cheesesteak Controversy” Edition)

Photo Courtesy of Philly Mag

  • Mad drama with the 2 Dim Sum Garden locations [The Insider]
  • Foobooz is tackling the thankless task of in depth cheesesteak comparisons and comes out with a clear winner [Foobooz]
  • I don’t super love Ethiopian food, but Penn Apetit seemed to have a good meal at Ethio Cafe [Penn Appetit]
  • Top Philly Chef’s picked their favorite under the radar spots to eat, like Meltkraft and Pho Xe Lua [firstwefeast]

Devon & Blakely Combos

 Devon & Blakely opened in the Spring of 2013, bringing another mostly generic lunch option to city workers. Expect soups, salads, sandwiches that cost about $2 more than they should due to the location and convenience. While I take my lunches seriously, every once in a while convenience is the priority.

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Moe’s Hot Dog House Puts All the Things On or Around Your Hot Dog

Every time I bike to the Gray’s Ferry Pathmark I pass Moe’s Hot Dog House. The signs for hot dogs, fish cake, and cheesesteaks suggest an authentically simply joint for Philly staples and I kept telling myself I had to get in there and see what it was all about. After several late afternoon attempts, I was told it now closes at 1:30  (though the website says 3) and made sure to get in for an earlier lunch.

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