Moe’s Hot Dog House Puts All the Things On or Around Your Hot Dog

Every time I bike to the Gray’s Ferry Pathmark I pass Moe’s Hot Dog House. The signs for hot dogs, fish cake, and cheesesteaks suggest an authentically simply joint for Philly staples and I kept telling myself I had to get in there and see what it was all about. After several late afternoon attempts, I was told it now closes at 1:30  (though the website says 3) and made sure to get in for an earlier lunch.

Hot dogs are obviously a big part of the menu. Many come with fun toppings. If you are going to have a hot dog for lunch, you might as well make it extreme. Chili, mac and cheese, and baked beans are all options. For me, the “HK” dog ($3.50) treats the hot dog exactly how it should be treated.

Step 1: wrap it in  bacon

Step 2: deep fry it

Step 3: place mozzarella sticks on top of it

The dog had a nice snap to it; the casing and the deep fry action can fight over who is more responsible for that. Even underneath the fried sticks of cheese, I could taste the Levi’s all beef hotdoggy flavor.

Moe’s is in the middle of nowhere, you can eat at a table rather than having to schlep back your food to wherever you work. Even though its been open for only 8 years, with the simple, old school menu and low prices, eating at Moe’s is a blast from the past- back to a time when a hot dog a day was no big deal. If only.

Moe’s Hot Dog House, 2601 Washington Ave (Between Grays Ferry Ave & S 26th Street), 215-465-6637


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