From Hamburgers to Wonton Soup and Banh Mi at the Simply Yummy Truck

A year ago, the ladies behind the Simply Yummy truck at Temple University stuck to the traditional campus staples- hamburgers, cheesesteaks, fries, etc. Then they started offering  occasional Asian inspired specials that quickly became popular. That menu expanded from an occasional wonton soup, to an official section of the menu including  grilled lemongrass chicken and pork either over rice or in banh mi.

Wonton soup ($4 without noodles, $5.50 with them) comes in a quart sized container. Within the mild broth are some scallions, some greens, a rehydrated mushroom or two, a handful of home made wontons, and noodles (if you ordered them) down at the bottom.  The wontons were the real stand out here, the perky skins contained a springy and impressively fresh tasting shrimp-pork filling.

Banh mi’s are $5 and comes on a big toasted loaf of bread. The grilled slices of lemon grass pork are, in fact, infused with vibrant lemongrass flavor, though I had a few gristly pieces I had to spit out. The requisite pickled vegetables and cucumber were nicely marinated, just look out for the jalapeno pieces.  The most addicting part of the banh mi was the garlic spread used on the bread. It would probably make any sandwich better.

So while you can still get your hamburger at Simply Yummy, I think you can figure out what might be the better call. (Don’t be boring)

THE + (What somebody who likes this place would say)

  • Perky, springy wontons
  • Big banh mi with amazing garlic sauce

THE – (What somebody who doesn’t like this place would say)

  • Some gristly meat pieces
  • Broth could have more flavor
Simply Yummy, W. Montgomery Ave (@ N. Broad St), 215 666 8899


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