Pot Pie Soup and Sandwiches at Bill’s Breakfast and Lunch

Bill’s is a laid back luncheonette sort of hidden on Sansom street.  They serve breakfast and lunch during the week. Expect a slew of inexpensive sandwiches and some salads. There are a few tables to sit at, but they fill up during lunch time, so take out may have to happen. Bill also makes a different soup fresh every morning. I started with that.

The rotating soups are $3.25. The chicken pot pie soup, first and foremost, is really thick. This could weird someone out, but it worked for me, especially in this cold weather. It is more pot pie ish than I expected. It is even more pot pie-ish than the Amish pot pie at Dutch Eating Place. Besides how filling this thick soup is, the flavors were equally comforting. If you are in the market for crazy thick soup to warm your bones, Bill’s chicken pot pie in a cup will get the job done.

The roast pulled chicken sandwich is just $5.50. They were out of kaiser rolls, so my pile of shredded chicken went on a long roll. The chicken itself is a little bland. The smoked pepper sauce on top gave the sandwich most of its flavor, and I definitely could have used a lot more of it.

I appreciated the casual vibe of Bill’s, their wide array of sandwiches and their bone warming soups. This is not a fancy spot, and there is nothing wrong with that.

Bill’s Breakfast and Lunch, 1312 Sansom Street, 215 985 2901


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