A Lesson in Amish Pot Pie and Corn Nuggets at Dutch Eating Place

Hailing from Lancaster County, the good Amish folk at Dutch Eating Place bring country cooking to Reading Terminal. Half of the staff looks too young to be allowed to work, the other half looks too old to be allowed to work, but the place is constantly busy and the apron-ed workers, both young and old, keep up with the pace.

Looking around the counter, I ordered based on what looked popular, survey says: the hot oven roasted turkey sandwich.

While waiting, I noticed that the gentleman next to be had some delightful looking fried, golden balls in front of him. When I inquired, he informed me that they were corn nuggets and was nice enough to offer me one. I happily accepted, and fell so in love that I ordered my own.

The fried, sweet, doughy, nuggets enveloping kernels of corn  ended up being my favorite part of the meal. Thanks for sharing and enlightening me, kind stranger!

This was an emotional lunch for me, as I went from corn nugget elation to pot pie confusion in a very short period of time.The picture you are looking at is the chicken pot pie. I had not realized that Amish pot pie has little to do with the savory chicken mush pie that come in a crust.

This post does a good job clarifying. I am no longer confused. Either way, it could have been more flavorful. All the ingredients were cooked down so long that texture and flavor seemed to have been left back in the in the pot it came in.

The turkey sandwich also lacked seasoning, but the layers of turkey and gravy soaked bread with mashed potatoes on the side will certainly fill you up and lull you into a mid-day nap.

Both the pot pie and turkey sandwich cost under $7.

Elation came once again as the apple dumpling arrived for dessert. The hot crust has just the right amount of both crispness and doughiness, and the cinnamony apple chunks inside are heavenly.

The little dumpling is just begging to be topped off with even more calories. They offer you whipped or heavy cream to accomplish that.

And the post- cream shot…

Nap time.

THE + (What somebody who likes this place would say)

  • Big portions. low prices
  • The corn nuggets and apple dumplings will rock your socks!

THE – (What somebody who doesn’t like this place would say)

  • The home style lunches lack flavor
  • Sometimes there is a wait for a table

Dutch Eating Place, 1200 Arch St (@ 12th St.), 215-922-0425



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