The Capital Grille Launches Their “Plates” Lunch This Week, Including Lobster Rolls Under $20

This week I was invited by The Capital Grille to try out their new $18 plates menu. Spoiler: the lobster roll was a good enough value that it was worth sharing despite the over $10 price tag.

The new $18 lunch at Capital Grille offers an entree with a side and a soup or salad. You still get the same Capital Grille experience, complete with crumber bearing waiters and portraits of mustachioed gentleman. Each course was brought out quickly; The Grille could easily keep its promise of getting you in and out in under 45 minutes if you ask.

Flatbread and rolls immediately came to the pristine table with a pad of butter.

The Plates menu starts with a choice of clam chowder, field greens salad, or roasted pepper salad. Starting your meal with the clam chowder is a way to ensure you will leave full. I fully enjoyed the New England style chowder, tasting of fresh clams and cream with chunks of potato and clam pieces.

The main dish option are the lobster, 2 mini tenderloins, or a Wagyu cheeseburger. The cheeseburger is topped with an egg and onions. Though I didn’t think the Wagyu beef tasted miles beyond patties made of lesser cattle, it is a sizable and well seasoned burger.

Sides include a choice of green beans, truffle fries, and roasted root vegetables. The cone filled with an ample supply of truffle fries and topped with fried parsley was memorable. There was none of that funky fake truffle taste that sometimes happens.

Lobster rolls make me very happy. The fact that I can’t really shell out the cash money to eat them makes me sad. I can’t help but compare any lobster roll in Philly to the amazing lobster roll over at the Oyster House. This splurge goes for $26 and comes with fries. The Capital Grille’s version comes with a slice of needless lettuce and on a toasted roll that was not split down all the way, so I couldn’t easily eat it as a sandwich. But the pile made from mostly meaty claw meat pieces was nothing to complain about. The lobster meat was only barely dressed, so I was able to focus on the natural sweetness without mayo or filler getting in the way. The accompanying root vegetable medley was nice, the carrots and turnips were perfectly roasted. But I suggest sticking with those divine truffle fries. Having a belly full of clam chowder, lobster, and truffle fries is a really good feeling. While I normally can’t advocate for a $20 lunch, I would hold that this is worth trying.

The Capital Grille, 1338 Chestnut St (@ Broad St), 215 545 9588


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