College Food: The Burger and Cheese Busz at Temple

Two buszes opened on campus this year on Temple’s campus catering to undergraduate cravings, the  Cheese Busz and the Burger Busz. They park close to each other on 13th Street. I am not quite sure why 2 buses were needed for menus that are pretty basic, but it probably helps cut down on lines.

Although initially, I had some greasy, gooey grilled cheese in mind, I ended up going with a healthier option. My neatly stacked sandwich featured eggplant, which I could have been more tender, and a strawberry balsamic spread that I enjoyed. Maybe there is just something wrong with trying to make your grilled cheese healthy, because I was missing some grease.

The tomato and pesto grilled cheese was a little more simple and had that goey thing I was looking for. The pesto is layered on, so anyone who likes it in small doses should choose something else.

Grilled cheese sandwiches here are in the $5 range. I am going to have to do some comparative research with the Say Cheese truck, a truck with the same idea stationed right next to this one.

And a few steps dow, a cheeseburger from the Burger Busz piled with bacon and onion rings couldn’t save the fact that the patty was thin and very overcooked. The onion rings were tasty, but not as good as U Got Munchies, which is also on the same street. With 2 grilled cheese buses, a burger bus, a burger cart, and a Crepe truck on the same street, I have to worry about the nutrition of the college kids on campus.

Burger Busz/Cheese Busz, 13th and Norris


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