Crepe Insanity: Ranch Covered Gyro and Pepperoni Crepe from a Truck

The Creperie is very popular among the undergrads over at Temple. Both sweet and savory crepes are made to order and tons of fillings are available. They tend to get pretty busy during lunch time, but the boys inside the truck work fast. You can make your own crepe or chose from the combos available. Most of the combos are relatively normal. But not the “Alexander the Crepe”.  This one is a special breed.

Crepes are around $5 for savory, $4 for the sweet and drink combos are available. All crepes come folded in a cute little box.  A fork and knife is probably necessary. And napkins definitely are.

Alexander the Crepe is stuffed with – are you ready- gyro meat, pepperoni, vegetables (including spinach, tomato, and onions), and cheese, covered in both pizza sauce and ranch. Give yourself a minute to think about that insanity.

I may be the first person to order this who was not, lets say, on some sort of substance.  But I will admit, the combo totally worked.  It is a fact that things covered in ranch are delicious, and that goes for savory gyro meat, salty pepperoni meat, with vegetables in between.  I was reminded of this Full House episode where Michelle Tanner attempts to cook by putting her favorite ingredients together, like tuna and ice cream, much to the dismay of her large family. However, at the Crepe Truck, this Uncle Joey-like whacky, but lovable combo of ingredients would have Uncle Jesse saying, “Have mercy!”

For a more standard combo, try the buffalo chicken. They do not skimp on the bleu cheese sauce, or any other ingredient for that matter.

And if you are splitting, you may have room for a dessert crepe, on either white or wheat. I made my own with bananas, strawberries, and mango with nutella and whipped cream.

THE + (What somebody who likes this place would say)

  • Fresh crepes at a fair price
  • Endless combos of sweet and savory crepes
  • With vegetable, meat, cheese combos, you can get a balanced meal in one swoop

THE – (What somebody who doesn’t like this place would say)

  • Lines of undergrads during lunch time

The Creperie,  13th and Norris St


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  • Yum, looks good! Penn’s got a Crepe cart too.. but I much prefer the Le Petit Creperie in Houston Hall where the crepes are absolutely massive and delicious.

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