Chickie’s Italian Sandwiches Are Classically Great, But Now I Am Dreaming Of A Crazy Custom Order

Chickie’s Italian Deli has been serving sandwiches since 1993 in the Italian Market. I could go into the history but instead I think you should put on some headphones and watch the Chickie’s “webmercial” and prepare yourself to be entertained like you never have been.

Did you watch it? I was kidding, but the video does sum up how family and neighborhood- centric this place is. A trip over there was long overdue.

While you wait for your sandwich look out for antipasti dishes to take home, like this roast eggplant. Or you could be smart and call ahead, they like that here.

The  roast pork with sharp provolone ($7) on Sarcone’s bread satisfies the craving for a classic Italian Market sandwich. The pork has way more flavor than George’s a few blocks away.

I had to have the fried tomato special. It comes with bacon, roasted red peppers, lettuce and I was strongly suggested to add turkey to it, which I did. I liked all the components of the sandwich, and was glad I added the turkey, but I couldn’t stop think that I should have gone crazier with my order.

Unlike a lot of places, Chickie’s has no problem creating a custom sandwich for you, so for next time I have some sort of roast pork, bacon, and fried green tomato monster in mind. Tell me that does not sound amazing. You can’t.

Chickie’s Italian Deli, 1014 Federal Ave (@ 10th St), 215 462-8040


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