Arroz con Leche Ice Cream at El Pueblo

Right across from Los Taquitos de Puebla is  ”El Pueblo,” a shop selling homemade Mexican Ice Cream (helado), juice (agua fresca), and popsicles (paletas). I had never even heard of this place before and the day’s heat gave me more of an excuse to pop in. I found out that El Pueblo is open open during the hotter months and will probably shut down for the season at the end of the September. Though the brightly colored paletas looked tempting, inside I zero-ed in on that ice cream.

2 scoops costs $2.50. It was hard to pick from all the flavors, and I may have to come back to try the corn. But for my first scoop I chose strawberry and cheese, which was light, and had ribbons of strawberry throughout. I was completely enamored of the arroz con leche scoop, with a hint of cinnamon it really tasted exactly like rice pudding in creamy, cool, ice cream form. Both scoops had a tame, adult-level of sweetness. Lets all scream for ice cream sophistication.

El Pueblo, 1148 S 9th St (@ Elsworth)


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