Brave Enough for Eyeball Tacos at Los Taquitos de Puebla? Well, I am not

I am always up for more tacos. I spotted Los Taquitos de Puebla while in the Italian Market, noting “cabeza de res” on the sign. Beef head tacos? You can’t get a more sure sign that a place is legit. Unfortunately, eyeball, lips, and tripe tacos were not in the cards for me on this trip. I actually can’t think of anything I would want to eat less than eyeballs (blame it on my hobby of dissecting them in grade school). But I did enjoy the more standard cow and pig part tacos.

First, I ordered my usual, tacos al pastor. Its a steal, at 3 tacos for $6. One of the best deals in the place. Cilantro haters will be happy to know that onions and cilantro are available by request, not automatically. While the pork meat was succulent, I was missing the pineapple pieces that usually make me so happy.

The short rib tacos (costillas) are huge ($10). The meat is piled on, one order is enough to fill you up.  I had to pick out some fatty pieces, but I kept picking at the savory grilled beef long after I felt full. And you gotta appreciate a place that uses meat as a garnish.

I saw squash blossoms on a list taped to the window; they come in quesadilla form here for $8. I had some trouble ordering, forgetting that “flor de calabacita” is how you say squash blossoms, so make sure you bring your crib notes.

Those little blossoms do not retain their beauty once smashed into the tortilla. The quesadilla was salty and funky, a more bad ass version of a plain quesadilla.

For your viewing pleasure, check out this sexy wall art…. me likey

THE + (What somebody who likes this place would say)

  • No skimping on meat here
  • The menu of tacos is authentic to say the least, get your eyeball fix here
  • The drink selection is also authentic with jamaica, Jarritos, horchata, etc.

THE – (What somebody who doesn’t like this place would say)

  • Not knowing any Spanish might make ordering difficult
  • Although salsas are, chips are not provided before your meal

Los Taquitos de Puebla, 1149 S 9th St (@ Elsworth St), 215 334 0664



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