Modern Greek Lunch at Opa Was Designed with Summer in Mind

A week ago Opa started serving their new lunch menu and even offered a free lunch to show off the goods. I had only been to Opa for drinks and light snacks and was glad that the lunch menu would allow me to try their food in an affordable way.

I already knew I enjoyed the space, from the blue ceilings to the hanging lamps and wall art, there is something to look at in every corner.

I love cold soup in the summer. For $5, you get a small bowl of chilled cucumber soup with chopped tomato and pickled onion on top. All of the components were working for me, except there was a little too much cumin for my liking. I pretty much hate cumin, and while I understand that many people do not agree with me, I still think  its inclusion somewhat counteracts the cooling effect this soup was designed to accomplish. Replacing the cumin with something else would make it a perfect summer soup.

Speaking of refreshing, the watermelon feta salad ($8) has “summer snack” written all over it. The delicious feta actually comes from Greece.  Also in this salad were perfectly ripe nectarines and some mint that I could have used just a little more of.

Three “toasts” and available; cheese, veggie, and ham, the later  was the one offered for that free lunch last week. It comes stuffed with Lancaster ham, manouri cheese, and a honey mustard dressing that could have been a little more tangy. I think my favorite part of this sandwich was the grilled, slightly sweet bread. Its the perfect container for all that ham.

The oregano fries that come with the toasts are great, and needed since the sandwiches themselves are not huge.

I thought the feta stuffed burger would have a feta filled center, like the Good Dog burger, but instead it is incorporated into the patty giving it extra flavor throughout.  There were other nice touches, like the moist bun and tangy tomato cucumber relish, which summer-ized this burger, fitting perfectly with the rest of this summer friendly menu.

THE + (What somebody who likes this place would say)

  • Great decor makes it a fun place to eat at
  • I appreciate the fresh ingredients and summer friendly menu

THE – (What somebody who doesn’t like this place would say)

  • Paying $8 for a smaller sandwich is too much for me
  • No cumin please

Opa, 1311 Sansom St, 215 545-0170


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