Korean Cheesesteak is a Great Idea

Back in September, Nick raved about the bulgogi platter at the Koja truck. On a return trip I wanted something less plattery, more portable, and as cheap as possible. My eyes immediately went to the cheapest meal on the menu- a $3 bulgogi cheesesteak. Same great meat, lower price, portable, perfect. Was this going to be kid sized though?


How in the hell can they make this sandwich for only $3? It was a very respectable size, bordering entering the “big” category. Koja puts the chopped beef on bread that you would typically find holding up a cheesesteak, which works to give that familiar but different feel. American cheese and onions join the meat, and it all tastes awesome. You get the ooze of the mild cheese, while still enjoying the distinctly Korean marinade on the meat. How do UPenn kids not eat this every day?

While  paying, I noticed some wrapped Japanese rice patties and picked up the spicy tuna kind for $2. Follow the instructions and pull apart the seaweed wrapper.

For just a handful of quarters you can eat this healthy and fun to pull apart snack. It can even work to satisfy any sushi craving you might be having. It benefits from a little soy sauce though which it does not come with, so ask for it.

Koja Truck, 38th and Walnut, 267 322 9925



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