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Lunch Links (The “2010 Recap” Edition)

Korean Tacos were one of the Philly food trends going on this year- Photo courtesy of Ed Hille
  • The Inquirer’s recap of openings, closings, and trends [The Inquirer]
  • Foobooz recaps top food news for each month of the past year [Foobooz]
  • Fresh tortillas from San Ramon [Meal Ticket]

Happy New Year!

    A Side of Sandwich with your Gourmet Groceries

    As I mentioned,  we would be hearing from some new voices on ML Philly. Today, we are getting a report from this week’s profiled luncher Mike, who is checking out the sandwiches of everyone’s favorite cheese shop.

    After a particular harsh weekend of holiday partying in NYC a friend of mine was suffering. After 3 days of complaining and not eating I proclaimed the immortal phrase that as children, we were all a victim to: “would you like some cheese with that wine?” As it turns out, said friend DID want some cheese (and bread,) so we decided to have lunch at Di Bruno Bros. (1730 Chestnut St.) Being a man who believes all things can be made better with cheese, and also knowing that Di Bruno Bros has a small market inside where I could buy goodies to go, I was looking forward to it.

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    Cream Puffs at Small Oven Bakery

    Over the summer Small Oven Bakery opened up in the back of Tutti Frutti, differentiating this spot from other froyo spots by selling cream puffs. I needed something sweet and it had been a while since I had a Beards Papa Cream Puff (and there are none in Philly). Small Oven bakes everything on premises, the main attractions being the standard “choux creme puffs” and the fancier “choux cakes.” When I arrived I found out they were all out of the fancy choux cake AND out of chocolate cream filling… I wiped my tears away and tried the other choux creme puffs.

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    PROFILE: Philly Luncher “Mike”

    As is customary at Philly Lunch, every Tuesday we turn over the site to a different lunch’er for his or her recommendations for the best lunch in Philadelphia. This week, it’s Mike, a spice loving accountant.

    Name: Mike

    Age: 23

    Occupation: Accountant

    Where in Philly do you Work?: North American Building (Broad and Sansom)

    Favorite Kind of Food: I generally am a fan of spicy dishes, as long as you can still taste flavors (Mexican and/or Thai.) I love the tapas idea. It allows you to try multiple dishes on a menu instead of just one (two if you have a dining partner willing to share). I’m a sucker for dishes I’ve never tried before as well.

    Least Favorite Kind of Food: Purple food (Turnips, Eggplant, Red Grapes, etc.) Food should not be purple, it’s not normal.

    Favorite Place(s) to Eat Lunch in Philly: The Palace at the Ben (834 Chestnut) is a great option for Indian. They do a buffet spread with 8-9 options for $9.95 that is constantly changing. Garces Trading Company (1111 Locust) is a great spot if you can get someone to split a sandwich and a salad with you. There really isn’t a bad option on the menu. Mexico on the Square (1511 Pine) is a great alternative to Chipotle or Qdoba, for a little south of the border kick, and you get way more (authentic) bang for your buck. The chorizo sope ($4.50) is a lunch in itself and won’t hurt your wallet. If you can’t get to 15th and Pine, try out Santa Fe Burrito (212 S. 11th St.) They offer 17 burritos ranging from veggie to traditional to “ultimate”. Great place if you have a lighter eater with you, as they offer a mini sized burrito for $4.95. Thai Chef Noodle Fusion (2028 Chestnut) does a great 3 course lunch deal for $8.95 that won’t leave you fighting to stay awake for the rest of the day. The Kibitz Room (1521 Locust) is a great place to get a sandwich! They run a little high (Corned Beed Special Wrap @ $10.50) but they easily give you enough food for 2 lunches. [Ed. Note- this is now Schlesinger’s] Pita Pit (1601 Sanson) is a steal on the first Thursday of the month, when they offer a coupon on their website for 50% off any pita.

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    I Dare You to Find a Hole in the Wall Restaurant Tinier than “Chinese Restaurant”

    Right next to one of my Chinatown favorites, Empress Garden, is a completely missable spot that truly exemplifies a “hole in the wall”. I don’t know what possessed me to walk in to Chinese Restaurant after walking by it so many times but I am glad that I did. The tiny menu consists of soups and a few snacky things for you to take out. Or you can do what I did and sit on a stool at the counter or at one of the 3 small tables available. The small space and steady stream of customers makes it easy to point and ask for “whatever he is having.”

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    Seasons Greetings: Wishing you all a delicious holiday feast... or a satisfying Chinese food and movie night!

    Lunch Links (The “Excessive Hamburger Combo” Edition)

    Photo courtesy of Nick
    • The Pizzaz slice is better than the roast pork stromboli at Cacia’s [Philly Phoodie]
    • PYT is making a cheesesteak pretzel roll burger… [AHT]
    • …and a krispy kreme burger, craziness [My Inner Fatty]
    • Homemade blintzes are just the begining at kosher Russian restaurant Palace Royal [Philadelphia Jewish Voice]
    • Center City Grille is serving some stanky mushroom soup [Phila Weekly via Foobooz]